Jul 31, 2014

What I Wore to Blogher 2014

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[…] biggest topics that comes up is what to pack. While I usually share my clothing packing lists, like what I packed for BlogHer or what I packed for Alt Summit, but you should also consider what to pack in your day bag. Today […]

Love your photos! Thank you for sharing.

What a great outfit! It looks really good on you! And that last picture is just fantastic!

Great pics, and wow, that last one! 🙂

Great post! Your photography is always amazing.

This looks SO comfy. Love the jumpsuit!

love these photos and love those sunglasses on you! all of these blogher photos are making me wish i was there!

Looks cute and comfy

Thanks, it is very comfy. 🙂

I love that outfit! And that last photo is so cool!

You are too cute! Seriously skills in that jumping pic! I’ve yet to find a jumpsuit that fits me perfectly!

Beaut pictures, I adore the sunglasses! Still haven’t quite purchased some round sunglasses yet!

Katie <3

Gorgeous!! Looks so comfy too!

Love that outfit! You look adorable!

Heel click is my fav one. You always look awesome in that jumpsuit and the rompers you have. Like the others have stated, I would look funny. It just suits you which is why it looks awesome on you. 🙂

If I had seen those at a store I would’ve laughed. BUT you look fabulous in them! I would look laughable, however. I love the shot of you clicking your heels, very fun!

It looks really comfortable! 🙂

love the look! 🙂 you always look so natural. i’m still having to work on being comfortable in front. it seriously takes me an hour to get one decent photo of myself without acting super awkward. 😛

I love your outfit! I always wear black so it’s definitely something I’d wear! I wish I could have attended BlogHer this year! Next for sure since I’m so close!

You’re so brave to rock a jumpsuit! That’s one I haven’t been quite able to pull off yet.

That is adorable. It suits you so well.

cute!! loving everything jumpsuits right now. and that last photo is so fun!

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