Feb 20, 2014

House Tour: The Yards

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I really do love our yards. They wrap around the house and paired with the floor to ceiling glass in our house, they unite more of nature with our house. We still have a long to-do list for them though. I made a sandbox teepee for the boys one spring, and awhile back I removed the top in order to upgrade it to have some other sort of shade structure and haven’t actually finished the project. I also want to add an outdoor play house for them to play in. I’m probably going to DIY it because I want it to look modern and have a few ideas in mind. I feel like the raised garden beds could be more functional for lighting. It’s hard enough to grow tomatoes in our climate. I also want a nice seating area with a fire pit, and to just add some other finishing touches to the place.


1. Letter Birdhouse / 2. Modern Play House / 3. DIY Fire Pit / 4. Hanging Chair

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