I Love You California

California coastlineCalifornia redwoods near Santa Cruz, Californiateamwiking-here-wear-santa-cruz-7.jpg2016 Travel Wishlist, Mojave Desert in California

I think it’s quite obvious that I have a very soft spot for my home state of California ( I Love You California! ). The photos above show quite a few reasons why. The natural beauty and diversity of this beautiful state goes well above and beyond being able to tug on my heartstrings. I love everything about it, especially the people that I’ve been lucky enough to meet here.

When Josh from Ultrapress reached out to me about a project they were working on called “I Love You California”, I was intrigued. They are selling these adorable t-shirts with the I Love You California artwork on them, and all proceeds will go to benefit California’s homeless youth via Covenant House California. I’ve already picked up mine in grey, which is your favorite?

I Love You California tees. All proceeds donated to Covenant House of California to benefit homeless youth in California. #ILoveYouCa

Once you get ahold of your tee, be sure to help spread the word using the hashtag #ILoveYouCa!

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Responses to “I Love You California”

  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! my favorite is the one of the person jumping on the cliffside. so great.

    1. Thanks, that’s actually me in the photo! Haha. I had my husband go pretty far away to snap it for me. 🙂

  2. Stunning photodiary! There’s no place like home 😉

    1. There sure isn’t. 🙂

  3. i have never seen the redwoods. I’m dying to go and you are making me want to go more!!
    Southern Elle Style

  4. I definitely need one of these tees because there’s a really big soft spot in my heart for Cali too. Since I grew up in Redondo & spent most of my life there, I always think of it as my “old home” and Tucson is my “new home” but it’s where my American roots really come from so it’ll definitely be special to me forever! Send me the shirt 😉 xx adaatude.com

  5. Beautiful photos, as per usual! That jumping pic is to die for. I love California and wish I could travel there more often. You have inspired me to check flights right now. 🙂

    Cameron Proffitt

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