Jun 19, 2015

In Flight Essentials

In Flight Essentials 1. Jawbone UP MOVE Activity Tracker / 2. Touch Up Powder / 3. Portable Charger / 4. Water Bottle / 5. Lip Balm / 6. Sunglasses / 7. Coiled Hair Ties / 8. Light Scarf / 9. Tablet / 10. Cozy Socks / 11. Folding Headphones / 12. Shoulder Bag

Today I’ve partnered with Jawbone to share with you my in flight essentials. These are the goodies that I always take with me whenever I am on a flight, and most go with me wherever I go anyway. Some people would argue that there should be more, and I’m sure it varies by person. I also add in some snacks or a protein bar sometimes, depending on the length of the flight.

1. Jawbone UP MOVE / I take this everywhere with me. It helps me keep track of my fitness on the go. I lead a very active lifestyle and can’t always do more traditional workouts, so the Smart Coach function on this is very helpful and even provides tips for improvement.
2. Touch Up Powder / This bareMinerals powder has been a godsend for me. I tend to get oily on warm planes and this is the perfect touch up so I don’t actually look like I just walked off of a plane. I also use it sometimes to touch up any oil in my hair, though I’m not sure if it would work on darker hair.
3. Portable Charger / I know there are more stylish looking options out there, but most of them only charge your phone once. This bad boy will recharge your phone quite a few times, and has dual USB slots if you’d like to help a friend out or charge a different device at the same time.
4. Water Bottle / I hate having to buy water at the airport, and when I do I just end up refilling the bottle anyway. I like to bring my own water bottle to skip the process and save a little dough so I don’t get dehydrated on the plane.
5. Lip Balm / This is the most luxurious lip crème I’ve ever tried, and it’s perfect for keeping your lips moisturized in flight. Plus, it smells nice too.
6. Sunglasses / I never travel without one (or three) good pair(s) of shades. They usually dim the light enough so I can catch some shut-eye on the flight, and not have to take up extra space in my bag.
7. Coiled Hair Ties / I already raved about these in my travel with long hair post, but they deserve another mention. I don’t think I can go back to normal hair ties.
8. Light Scarf / This item easily doubles as a blanket or neck pillow if I need it to. At my destination it can be a scarf for cold weather or a sarong for warmer weather.
9. Tablet / I don’t travel with a laptop since I pre-schedule content for the blog when I’m on the go. It’s less stressful and I can usually get most of my work done on a tablet anyway.
10. Cozy Socks / Planes can get so cold, keeping your feet warm will help. Plus, if you want to kick off your shoes it keeps them covered as well. I don’t think anyone likes to see bare feet on a plane.
11. Folding Headphones / I am big over comfortable earphones over earbuds. They seem to drown out more noise as well. I know they take up more space, but I still have not found a pair of earbuds that I like.
12. Shoulder Bag / This is my main bag. I carry it everywhere and that just naturally carries over to travel. I find it has just enough space for my essentials (even my camera fits) and no more. Travel Light, in flight essentials Travel Light, in flight essentials And, you’re ready to go!

What are your favorite in-flight essentials? What do you think you could or couldn’t fly without?

This post was sponsored by the UP MOVE by Jawbone. All opinions, text, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

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[…] just float around in my bag. I pack all of my electronics and such in my personal item, as well as these in-flight essentials so I can access them easily when I am on the […]

[…] just float around in my bag. I pack all of my electronics and such in my personal item, as well as these in-flight essentials so I can access them easily when I am on the […]

I bring socks but never actually use them. I just wear my shoes.

I love your bag! I just got back from Norway and am so glad I picked up some noise canceling headphones for the trip! I’ve read rave reviews, but was always kinda skeptical. I found a Sony pair for about $50 and color me converted. 🙂

Portable chargers are a lifesaver on flights!

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