Sep 30, 2014

Desert Sun and Sand

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Definitely the candle! Such pretty colors..

Those little leggings are so cute!

Oh my goodness, that succulent wreath is gorgeous!

i love the succulent wreath! i’ve always wanted to make one for myself.. but i can never keep succulents alive.

It was so great to finally meet you tonight!! I have seen that Hello tank so many times, I gotta pull the trigger next time I am shopping on their site 🙂

That gilded turtle is perfect – I want it on my desk!

Definitely that turtle. It’s so fab and would look so classy in any room!

I’d love to visit the desert!

Katie <3

I love the cactus leggings for my little one–though, I won’t lie, I would probably wear them if they came in adult sizes. 🙂 Such a cute collection!

I am really loving the Grand Canyon print and the reef! I love Rifle Paper Company they make some pretty cool prints. I went to a Lulu and Georgia pop up shop a few months ago and they were selling California ones 🙂

The coyote tank reminds me of AZ. Very cute 🙂

So cute! I love that gold turtle!

I would have to go with #6!

I definitely want almost every single thing up there. I love the card and poster, they’re super pretty looking.

Oh goodness I love the leggings for the kiddos!

I really love the wreath!

I love the leggings but then I do have a slight legging obsession!

I love those cactus leggings. So love that look for kids right now.

I love the prints! (#2 & #3)

I love #5! I would definitely have to choose the gilded turtle as my desert vacation reminder!

I’m gonna go with the succulent wreath. I LOVE SUCCULENTS, and a wreath out of them just seems like the perfect idea! I do love the vintage art. Whenever we take a trip I buy a postcard or cheap piece of art to frame somewhere in the house. Current favorite memory – my postcard of big foot looming outside a tent filled with campers. We went to Portland last year. Love the selection above!

I keep going back to stare at it some more. It’s so pretty! I want to DIY a succulent wall but am kind of scared.

These are so cute! And since I live in Arizona they are perfect for me!! I am dying over that tank top 🙂

I agree with your approach – I always pick “souvenirs” that remind me of the place but that actually have a purpose. So much better than trinkets on a shelf!

I just feel like stuff should be useful, you know?

Love the colors of that candle in #7.

I’d definitely choose those adorable cactus leggings for a kid. Now of course, since I don’t have a kid – I’d probably go with something not-so-kitchy like the body scrub. (The Guy hates it when I bring home more decorations), Even though I’d love that cactus. Moreso if it were a palm tree.

Lol, palm trees! I’m getting you a palm tree for Christmas, FYI.

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