Inspired / Seattle, Washington


1. Lego Architecture Space Needle / 2. Seattle Onesie by MapTote / 3. Rainy Day Tee / 4. Seattle Sundries Sasquatch Soap / 5. Seattle Map / 6. Larry Gets Lost in Seattle / 7. Seattle ABC Book (I snagged this for a friend who just moved there!) / 8. Rainy Water Bottle / 9. Washington Cookie Cutter

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Responses to “Inspired / Seattle, Washington”

  1. that little onesie is so cute! i’ve been told i would make a great PNW girl but i don’t think i can stomach moving out of socal now that i’m here!

    1. Yeah… At first we thought it’s nice here, could totally move. But at this point it’s been raining for 2 days straight and I miss Cali. Lol.

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