Learning to Knit, I am Creative

Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang

For as long as I can remember, knitting has always intrigued me. When I was younger I tried learning to knit, but couldn’t get beyond the first row and gave up. When Brit + Co. offered to send me a Wool and the Gang knit kit as part of their #IAmCreative initiative, I couldn’t say no. The I Am Creative initiative is a mission to enable and inspire creativity in women. The challenge is to spend an hour a day doing something creative to help you overcome the hurdles you may face in doing something new. I know knitting has been so intimidating to me every time I think about it. But, I’ve also made it a point in the last year or so to do more things that scare me. So, I decided to give it another chance.

Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang

The online tutorials were very helpful, and I made it through my first row (casting on 68 stitches!) with minimal effort. Starting my second row was a little tricky, but I got the hang of that, too. After much excitement, and a few rows later I began to notice that I was missing the stripes pictured in the example. My snood was two-colored, black and white. Oops. I backtracked all of my knitting and started again, this time trying to follow the directions as accurately as possible. 

Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang

Hours passed, and I took another go at the stripes, following the directions as carefully as possible. Rows later, I noticed that it didn’t seem to work again. I had a pattern on the scarf, but it definitely was not stripes. After a few more hours, and many more tries, I still haven’t been able to do the stripes properly. While this attempt didn’t work out, I’m not letting it discourage me from learning to knit. I plan to load up on more yarn to make a single color blanket, something I’ve been dreaming about for awhile.Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang Learning to knit with Brit + Co. and Wool and the Gang

It only takes an hour a day to learn something new, to inspire yourself or others, or to get over that intimidating hurdle that stands between now and a more creative you.

What would you do if you had an hour a day to be creative?

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Responses to “Learning to Knit, I am Creative”

  1. Kudos for learning something new! It’s one of my dreams to learn how to knit/crochet, but I dread actually getting on it! Haha, I’m weird.

    1. Oh man, I had that same roadblock. It was such a hurdle for me to try to get over in my own mind. You should just try it! I promise it’s not that hard if you’re not doing something complicated. It’s definitely not a ‘relaxing’ sort of hobby. I’m just glad that I finally overcame it and tried.

  2. Silvester

    Wonderful start you have there.

    1. The start WAS wonderful. 😛

  3. Silvester

    Gorgeous photos!!

    1. Thanks, Silvester!

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