Sep 06, 2013

Lego Mania

Last weekend was Lego KidsFest in the Bay Area. Since Aiden is a huge fan of Lego’s, we thought that he’d enjoy it. I think it brought out the kid in all of us. They had a lot of really neat things but my personal favorite was Creation Nation which is a giant map of the United States that they put all of your Lego creations on. It was really cool to see what people built, some of the ‘buildings’ were taller than me!

1Q8A9984 1Q8A9991-2 1Q8A0018-2 1Q8A0008-2 1Q8A0029 1Q8A0060-2 1Q8A0067 1Q8A0066 1Q8A0065 1Q8A0064 1Q8A0031-2 1Q8A0035 1Q8A0040 1Q8A0041 1Q8A0046 1Q8A0051 1Q8A0072


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I love Legos this looks fun even if ur not a kid…

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