Sep 14, 2015

London, England

London from above

A place I’ve never given too much thought to spend a lot of time in, but now have a big lust for is London, England. There have been some stopover flights on the way to Germany, but none with enough time to explore. I’ve even shopped (and love) the British-inspired clothing line, Boden. I hope some of the dreamy images of London will inspire you to visit soon.

Streets of London Big Ben in the Thames River fog Red Telephone Booth and Westminister Abbey Guards in London Along the Thames River during sunset. London (bridge) from above London Eye

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Have you been to London? What would you want to do if you went?

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I went to London on a college study tour but I’ve been dying to get back! Here’s a post of one of many of our London stops:

xoxo. | cymone.

I have been dying to go to London recently!!! I think I will fall in LOVE!!! These photos make me want to go even more!!!

I seriously have lusted after London for YEARS…I just want to go and see all of my favorite bloggers & YouTubers since most of them come from London. I’m obsessed with the culture, their accents, their love for the longest reigning queen and just all o fit. They have higher standards, and better skincare/makeup than where I live here in the US and I am just obsessed. I was originally born in Europe so I am itching to go for a visit! xx,

Ok, so I’ve never been to England but I would love to! These photos are amazing…and totally inspires me to add this location to my bucket list of travels!!
xx, Karen

My mother-in-law just went to London this summer for 3 weeks (lucky her!) and my cousin is living there for 1.5years for international work experience. My husband and I really want to get over there and soon!! It looks gorgeous! <3
Amanda |

Hi Jessica,
these pictures are wonderfully dreamy. A curious question though: If you have never been to London (Heathrow does not count 😉 ) then who took the pictures? I tried to find some credit for the photographer but couldn’t see any. Did you take them?

All the best,

Hi Zelde, Thank you. I pride myself on my curation skills. I pay for the photos on this site so I don’t need to give credit. 🙂

I’m glad to hear it. 🙂 I’ll look forward to your own pictures if you ever make it here. Let me know if you want some tips on where to go!

All the best,

i’ve never been to london but have always wanted to go!

xoxo, Preeti

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