Jun 18, 2014

Adventure Journal

team-wiking-diy-summer-adventure-journalI can’t believe Summer is here and school has been out for so long already. It’s been nice to have a break from homework but I always like to do things to keep the boys learning and engaged so the start of the year isn’t so rough. One thing that I really love to do before a trip is to decorate a little adventure notebook so they can color, draw photos, or write down details they want to remember. I made this one for our last trip and wanted to share the idea with you. I’ve even used them for myself to keep track of places we ate, activities, little details, and even notes to myself to remember later.


There isn’t a huge list or tutorial for this, all you need is a small or pocket sized notebook (These are my favorite because they come in a pack of three and have small pocket!), and some decorations. For these I used a sticker set from Rifle Paper Company, and an airplane paperclip (similar) to function as a page marker. You can also use stamps to create a pattern, or washi tape to make stripes, or you can let the kids decorate them on their own. I just like the element of surprise when they find them in their trip goody bag (toys/snacks/etc).


Another way to use this is as a summer camp journal. Right now you can receive $30 off one week at Galileo Summer camp with the code 2014INNOVATION. Their inspired innovation camp approach is perfect to keep the kids learning and engaged without cutting back on their fun.

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This is a really great idea, this way you can always come back to them and remember all the good memories! thanks for sharing!



You’re welcome! The boys really enjoy their notebooks.

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