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MAKE / Bunny Tail Leggings


Warning: This is probably the most adorable tutorial I’ve ever posted.

Awhile back, Mini Rodini had the cutest ‘bunny tail leggings’. I didn’t buy any but probably should have because now they are nowhere to be found. I thought it’d be cute to make my own this year for Easter. It’s a super easy DIY that takes about 5 minutes of your time.

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Basic Black Leggings
White Yarn
Pom Pom Maker
White Thread

1 Make your Pom Pom.
2 Turn pants rear side up.
3 Place pom pom with the wrap thread in a vertical orientation.
4 Knot thread and bring from the inside of the pants about 1/2″ to the right of the back seam and 1″ under the top of the pants.
5 Sew through the pom pom, making sure that you’ve made it through that outside loop.
6 Sew back into the pants 1/2″ to the left of the back seam and 1″ under the top of the pants.
7 Repeat 2 more times.
8 Tie thread off.

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  1. Super cute tut!

  2. Ahhhh! These are too cute!

    1. Thanks!

  3. Splendid Post.