Jun 04, 2008

Master Bedroom Before and After

Master Bedroom Before Painting the master bedroom

From the moment I saw the master bedroom I knew that I wanted to do something with it. Today I’m sharing our Master Bedroom before and after photos. I had to do something. Anything. It was what I will refer to as “a pepsi blue color”, and seemed to need a warming touch. I’m very fond of interior design and I’m glad that Steve is pretty fond of letting me decorate how I want to. Either that or he secretly deep down likes my interior design style. Anyway, here is our bedroom from start to finish.

Some items we had from before when we lived in the apartment because I knew what direction I wanted to go in. Others were purchased separately just for this room (Like the Calvin Klein duvet cover and 500tc egyptian cotton sheets I stalked at Macys until I got some awesome discounts on. — My goal was to create my dream bed). I personally still think it needs a rug and maybe a headboard for the bed. But that might just be me being picky, as usual. Anyway, here are the pictures. Opinions would be appreciated especially since I consider interior design/decorating of one of my many “arts”. One of my good friends has dubbed it our, “Avocado Room”.

Master bedroom Before and after Master bedroom after Master bedroom after

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I am impressed by the way you redesigned your bedroom! Thumbs up!

You’re doing such a great content about design, I think that you should keep doing this!

NO FAIR. Those pictures don’t do the green any justice. The color is much richer when you’re standing in it, and when the bed isn’t made (and maybe if you’re sitting on it) it’s like being the middle of a giant avocado!

I’m really digging that green! So pretty!

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