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Natural and neutral living room

The living room is one of our favorite parts of our house. We gather there as a family to spend time together, whether it’s playing games or having a movie night. But recently our beloved IKEA media console has given out in it’s 6th year of use. At the time it was within our budget and served as a great piece for us but now we’re ready to move on.

West Elm Mid-Century Media Console Styling
Photo via West Elm

I’ve chosen this Mid-Century Console from West Elm to serve as our new tv stand and have been brainstorming ideas for how to style it. We don’t functionally need extra storage around it so I get to have a little fun with the area. I’ve always been a huge fan of gallery walls, like in the photo above, but have always been too timid to arrange one. I’d love to fill it with photos from our travels.

I’ve never been known to do a ton of planning when it comes to decorating our home, so I’ve tried lately to make a more calculated approach. I like to think about the function and feel of a space before I tackle updating it. With Søren’s room, I tried to think about what he needs most out of the space, and the storage needs.

For our living room, we use the space to gather as a family, and to sometimes have movie nights and parties. It doesn’t require a lot of storage space aside from hiding our media equipment. The TV is usually my pain-point when it comes to decorating this room. We don’t spend a lot of time watching it during the week so I hate to make it the focal point of the room.

I’ve been thinking about media console styling and have included a few of my ideas below.

West Elm Mid Century Console Styled

Option 1.
I love this idea because of the extra storage above, and the clean look. I don’t love the vertical grain of the wall units with the horizontal grain of the console.

West Elm Mid Century Console Styled

Option 2.
I absolutely love the gallery wall around this and possibly integrating the TV as a part of the wall art arrangement.

West Elm Mid Century Console Styled

Option 3.
The gallery ledge in this look adds a more clean feel to the media console area but I’m still not sold on it.

Media console styling option 4

Option 4.
A clean and uncluttered look might still win me over.

Which is your favorite? How do you include your TV in the living room?

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Responses to “Media Console Styling”

  1. I love the art look. It almost makes you forget there is a TV there.

    1. jessica

      I think that’s my favorite as well. Now to talk Steve into it… Haha!

  2. i like option 2 , but am a very “busy” person when it comes to decor.
    Southern Elle Style

  3. So many great decor and styling ideas!

  4. Love you living room too, what a great space! I like option 2 best!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  5. #2 all the way!

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  8. I like option #2. What size are the frames you have in that configuration?

    1. They were from the IKEA Ribba collection, and sadly were too tall to combine with the TV and the wall. We now have a Samsung Frame, you can read about it here: 🙂

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