Apr 22, 2015

Black Sandals for Spring

Minimal Closet / Favorite Black Sandals
In my last Minimal Closet post, I shared some of my favorite striped tops, this time I’m talking about one of my absolute favorite pieces of my wardrobe, the black sandal. With the warmer weather I don’t think I’ve taken mine off. Black sandals are definitely a favorite for Spring. I have a few pairs that are in constant rotation in my closet, hi California winter! They can be worn with anything from denim to dresses depending on the formality and look you are going for.

Minimal Closet / Favorite Black Sandals

Loeffler Randall Cat Pool Slides (featured) / Vince Camuto Kensil Sandals / J.Crew Cyprus Slides / Birkenstock Arizona Sandals / Ancient Greek Clio Sandals

My favorite pair of sandals are very similar to the second pair in the lineup. They are gladiator style with a modern flare. Sadly they are no longer available, but these Vince Camuto Kensil Sandals are about as close as I can get. I love them because they are not too casual or formal and tend to elevate casual pieces I pair them with. I also own pairs of sandals similar to three, four, and five in the lineup so I guess you could say that I have a thing for black sandals. What can I say? They go well with the weather here in California.

I don’t have any progress to share on our new closet, hopefully soon! You can always stay tuned on instagram for my up-to-the-minute updates.

Minimal Closet / Favorite Black Sandals Day Minimal Closet / Favorite Black Sandals Night

Day Lightweight Camp Shirt / Blk Dnm Skinny Jeans / Troi Ollivierre Lipstick / Panama Hat / Super Mona Cheetah SunglassesVince Camuto Kensil Sandals
Night Side Slit Maxi Tank Dress /Troi Ollivierre Lipstick / Stone Cutout Statement Necklace / Blooming Crystal EarringsVince Camuto Kensil Sandals

Do you own black sandals? What is your favorite style?  How do you wear them?

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OooooOh. It is not warm for sandals here yet but I love the middle pair the best.

I’m really drawn to those too, but I’m so bad with slides, they always fall off! Haha.

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