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Minimal Black Swimsuit

Minimal Black Swimsuit

In my last Minimal Closet post, I shared some of my favorite black sandals, this time I’m talking about the little black swimsuit. You’ll notice that most of these swimsuits aren’t so little at all. I’m not sure why I gravitate towards one-piece suits, but I’ll blame it on my age or having kids. The truth is that I just feel more comfortable in them and don’t need to worry about slips when diving in the water or trying to juggle two kids and all of the beach things that go along with them. The suits I chose are all very versatile, and I love how you can pair most of them with a bottom to complete an outfit when packing light.

Minimal Black Swimsuit

Marysia Swim (featured, reversible!) / basta surf for Madewell (reversible!) / Marysia Swim (pair with bottoms!) / Orlebar Brown (favorite!) / Eres Bikini

I chose all of these for different reasons, but really love the reversible aspect to the first and second suits. I also really love how easily the third suit can be paired with bottoms to travel a little lighter. My favorite is the Orlebar Brown swimsuit because it is simple, timeless, and a flattering cut. I included the Eres Bikini because I love it’s clean lines.

If you’re looking for great beach accessories, Nordstrom is having it’s Half-Yearly Sale!

Little Black Swimsuit at the BeachLittle Black Swimsuit on the Street

Beach Swimsuit / Cabana Pants / Textured Hat / SunglassesSlide on Sandals
Street Swimsuit / Shorts / Sunglasses / Tote (similar) / Sandals

Do you have a little black swimsuit? What is your favorite style of swimsuit?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am just *in love* with those scalloped edges!

    1. I know, right?! I’ve been stalking the scalloped suits forever but have yet to take a bite.

  2. LOVE the selection – especially the scalloped one! I may need to get that! Thanks! xx Glam Karen

  3. I absolutely adore these classic suits! Especially the one with the scalloped edge! I also love the flats! Fab picks.

    xo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  4. Oooh I love all of these! The scalloping is so nice. I’ve been thinking about getting a nice one piece and these ones look really flattering

    Lisa // Strum Simmer Sip

  5. Love your picks!

    xo, Kate
    Petals and Prada

  6. Great roundup of suits! I love the Marysia suit – such a pretty neckline. I have not had much luck finding a one-piece that I love. I’m thinking I need to try this one!

    1. I’m super picky with them too. I’m dying to get a Marysia one for an upcoming trip.

  7. These are gorgeous! Love the scalloped one and the second to last. I’m finally admitting I’m old and it’s time to consider a one-piece. Glad there are so many pretty ones on the market right now!

  8. I really love that Marysia but can’t seem to get the link to work, where did that one come from?

    1. I just double checked and both links seemed to work for me. I think you can find both suits here at ShopBop: http://bit.ly/1Gz3XCe

  9. These are super cute, I love the minimal look and how you can pair them with real clothes too! I gotta look for more with this brand!

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