Perfect Black Denim

Minimal Closet / Perfect Black Denim

I have to be honest with you, I haven’t been very good at paring my closet down to my Minimal Closet standards. Part of the problem is that we are still mid closet remodel and I don’t have a good way to keep track of my clothes, but I think if I take it one item at a time, I can make it work. I’ve had a big response to my first minimal closet post, so I’m going to take you along on my journey.

The first item I’m sharing is the black jean, or black denim, or whatever you’d like to call them. I wear black jeans 99% of the time. They seem to go with anything effortlessly, and are very flattering for me.

Minimal Closet / Perfect Black Denim

Frame Denim Inez and Vinoodh InezAcne Studios Skin 5 Jean – Black / Acne Studios Flex Black (Favorite!) / J.Crew Reid Jean in Black (feature image) / J.Crew Toothpick Jean in Black

The Acne Studios Flex Black Jeans I purchased while shopping during our trip to Copenhagen in July of 2013. I wear them regularly and they are still in almost perfect condition. The mid-rise cut and black color is very forgiving. I should probably have them hemmed because the inseam is a little long for me, but I honestly don’t want to give them up for the couple of days it would take. The J.Crew Reid Jean in Black is similar in that it is a mid-rise and straight leg. I’ve paired my black denim with everything from a blazer and loafers to an oversized sweater and boots.

Minimal Closet / Black Denim Day to Night Minimal Closet / Black Denim Day to Night

Day V-Neck Top / Black Denim / Ankle Boots / Leather Tote / Felt Hat
Night Tank Top / Black Denim / Black Clutch / Strappy Heels / Leather Jacket

How would you style your black jeans? Would you wear them often?

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Responses to “Perfect Black Denim”

  1. I love black denim because I can dress it up or make it casual, and as you said, it goes with everything. My issue is trying to keep it a deep, dark, black. I hate it when seams and edges start to fade to grey.

    1. Mine have kept their color very well. I wear them at least 3x a week and they haven’t faded too much. Maybe I don’t wash them enough? Ha. You can always dye them black to refresh the color?

  2. Oh, man. I seriously should try black jeans. I’m a total denim snob- have you ever found any in summer weight? 🙂

    1. My favorite ones (Acne Flex) are not a heavy denim, but I’ve also found that ones that are more ‘sateen’ are a thinner fabric as well. I sort of like the fabric to have a little weight to it (but not be too thick) because I find it’s more flattering/holds me ‘in’ more. And the mid-rise is a must for me as well. I think I’m getting old because I can’t stand low-rises anymore. 😉

  3. I wear jeans every single day I love them they go with anything like you said but I am not a huge fan of skinny jeans I wear them once in a while but prefer straight leg, love your blog thanks for sharing

    1. You’d probably like the J.Crew Reid jean which is a mid-rise straight leg. 🙂

  4. I absolutely LOVE black denim. I’ve been adding a pair every few weeks into my wardrobe. It’s a sad addiction.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  5. How do you keep your black jeans black? Maybe once I figure it out, I’ll invest in a good pair of black jeans.

    1. Mine have just stayed black? I was inside out on delicate with cold water and then hang to dry. You can fluff in the dryer with very very low heat once they are dry to soften them up, or just wear them, they soften quickly once you have them on.

  6. Black denim is my favorite too. I must wash mine too frequently because I find mine fade as well, but they’re definitely not brand new either. I’ll have to try keeping them out of the dryer, maybe that’s the problem!

  7. Hmmm, maybe I ought to hunt down a pair for myself!

  8. […] Acne Flex Black Skinny Jeans I covered these in this Minimal Closet post, but Acne Flex jeans are my very favorite. The fit and style are spot on for me and the mid-rise […]

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