Jan 16, 2018

Søren’s Grayscale Bedroom

Home Decor Wishlist, Søren's Grayscale Bedroom
Above: 1. Muuto Dots Wall Hooks, 2. Kouboo Wicker Pendant Lamp, 3. String Pocket Shelf in Grey, 4. Ikea Storsele Black Rattan Armchair, 5. Metal Silver Plant Pot, 6. Braided Jute Storage Baskets, 7. Ikea Nordli Chest of Drawers in Anthracite, 8. Washed Linen Curtains in Gray, 9. Seagrass Belly Basket, 10. Ikea Lomviken Frames, 11. Coco Lapine Kētos Print, 12. Coco Lapine Black Beach Print, 13. CB2 Boho Black Daybed, 14. Washed Linen Duvet Cover set in Light Gray, 15. Washed Linen Pillowcase in Light Gray, 16. Silver Throw Pillow, 17. Big Stuffed Small Albino Octopus, 18. Kartell Componibili 2 Drawer in Silver, 19. Ikea Vardo Underbed Storage Box.

Ever since we moved into our new place, okay, ever since I found out we were going to move into our new place, I’ve been dreaming up ways to decorate it. Now that we’re settled in with our own things, I’ve been making a home decor wishlist using secret pin boards (via Pinterest) for each room that I want to update. Today I’m sharing my dream for a grayscale bedroom for Søren.

Søren’s room is first on my list because once we moved in we quickly realized that his giant bunk beds were not a good fit, literally, they take up over half of his bedroom. Not only do the bunks eat up floor space, but they take up precious wall and air space as well. His old room was light and serene and I wanted to keep the same feeling while also making it cohesive with the rest of our home.
Home Decor Wishlist, Søren's Grayscale Bedroom

Clothing & Toy Storage

In Søren’s old bedroom we were able to place his dresser inside the closet but that isn’t the case with his new room. His room is much smaller now and the closet simply doesn’t have the space to accommodate it, so out it goes! His new dresser will house toys in the bottom drawers, as well as the drawers under the bed, and the basket on the floor.

Sleeping & Lounge

Søren has been asking me for a chair in his room for a long time and since this one doesn’t fit in Aiden’s room, Søren has inherited it. He’s really excited about having a place to read and to sit and tie his shoes. His bed is a daybed, so he keeps calling it his “couch bed” and is excited that his older brother can now fit in it without having to duck.

Color & Decor

Søren really loves ocean life and whales are at the top of his list. Our trip to Iceland was also very special to him so the two prints I picked out from Coco Lapine are just perfect for his room. He also loves anything shiny, so swapping some elements of his room to silver are a bonus. The rest of the colors are serene and updated and fit in with the rest of the house nicely.

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What kind of room did you have as a kid? What do you think about when decorating your little one’s space?

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I absolutely love this serene bedroom decor! All the pieces go together so well.

I want it all. I’m the worst at interior design and this collage gives me so much inspiration for our home!

I love it all! I think gray is such a great color scale, and the whales are super cute! I’d use many of these in our boys room too!

I love the greyscale look. This is great inspiration. I would use many of these pieces in my own space.

What a fabulous collection of items to furnish a room with! My kids would LOVE something like this. Love the grey tones.

Omg so many cute bedroom accessories!!!! I just love playing interior designer!!!! Some of these items are just too chic

I tend to go overboard with color. Maybe I’m getting older or maybe my style is changing, but I’m starting to prefer more neutral color schemes. Loving what you’ve gathered together for the bedroom.

This is such a great theme. I really like the grays and silvers you found. The room will look amazing!

This is such a clean style. When I was a girl, I wanted orange. I had a bright, crayon orange room. When I was a teen, that was changed to light blue. 🙂

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