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My New Office (or half of it, anyway).

Later on this year I’ll be redoing my half of the office in our house to give myself a new office. I want it to be cleaned out, better organized, and to be cohesive. I want the space to be well designed in both visuals and functionality.

Here it is before/now (I know, super messy!):

New Office BeforeNew Office BeforeNew Office Before

And here is inspiration for what it should look like after:

New Office After Inspiration

$199.00 Expedit (white) – I’d HAVE to keep my things pretty and organized if they’re exposed.
$150.00 Ingo / Stefan Chair & Tables – I already have a table that I’ll be painting white. If I had space I’d get this, too.
$150.00 Expedit Drawers (white)
– I’d need five @ $30  each.
$ 40.00 Barometer Desk Lamp (red) – Need extra light for work.
$ 30.00 Kassett Magazine Box (red) – I’d need two @ $15 each.
$ 20.00 Vacker Shelving Unit – For paper. It will end up red or white.
$ 25.00 Snille Swivel Chair (white) – My chair now is too big.
$ 20.00 Kassett Magazine File (red) – To go atop the Expedit. I’ll need 5 @ $4 each.
$ 10.00 Expdit Casters – I’d need two @ $5 each.
$ 10.00 Kassett Paper Box (red) – One set of two.
$  5.00 Chris Noticeboard – Will probably end up red or white or both.
$  2.00 Fniss Wastepaper Basket (clear) – Just because it matches.
$  2.00 Billig Plant Pots – will paint red & use for pencils, etc. I’d need 4 @ $0.49 each.

Total $513 (minus the table I won’t need).

So much for this being a “cheap” makeover, haha.

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  1. Hey lucky you, at least you have something you can call an office at home!

  2. I love the red and white color theme. 😀

  3. I think it will look good when it is done, what does the other half look like?