Feb 27, 2013


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Night is my favorite time of the day. A sense of peace comes over me as I watch the sunset. I feel like time moves slower as the world around me enters a calmer state. It is the time I get to get most of my work done, answering e-mails, editing photos, blogging, etc. It’s also the time where my husband and I get to spend non-chaotic dogs barking, cat meowing, kids talking, baby screaming (sometimes) time together. We usually curl up on the couch and watch tv or just take time to talk about our day or week. It’s a time to reconnect and clear our mind for the coming day, a time to relax.

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This is how I feel about morning time 🙂 only, I don’t have any kids so that’s probably where the difference comes in. Loving your blog, now following! xo

Man your living room is a MESS

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