Feb 01, 2009

Pacifica, a Nice Place to Stop

Pacifica is such a beautiful place. We made an accidental stop there last weekend. On Saturday my mom and I went to an event at a bridal boutique in San Francisco that just turned out to be a ploy to get people to shop there. I felt a little let down but wasn’t sure what I expected to begin with. We were quite a bit disappointed as we expected it to be more of a wedding-planning event with vendors and such. Instead it was more of a high end shopping event with tables set up with albums and cards from vendors. There were cupcakes as promised, though we were a bit too disappointed to indulge in either of them.

So we walked around the area, visited some shops, gawked at some estates (yes, estates in SF!) and had lunch overlooking Sutro Baths (or what is left of them). We then drove down highway 1 to Pacifica and stopped at a few beaches. Then we were off down to Half Moon Bay and then on our way home. The drive down the coast just reassured my love for the Northern California coast line. I don’t know if I could do without all of the rocks and cliffs along the water.

Either way, the day still made for a great mother/daughter bonding day and after being so stressed out over wedding planning all week, I think it’s what I needed.

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That sucks that you feel let down. At least you got to drive along the coast though!

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