Aug 12, 2015

Pack For Summer in NYC

What to pack for summer in NYC, in a carry-on!

1. Madewell Brimmed Hat / 2. Chanel Lipstick, Kate Spade Walk on Air Perfume / 3. Kate Spade Cali Cutch, Dior Sunglasses / 4. Phillip Lim Bucket Bag / 5. Timex Wristwatch / 6. J.Crew White Mesh Tank / 7. J.Crew Silk Shirt / 8. J.Crew Navy Metallic Tank / 9. Madewell Oversized Gray Tee / 10. J.Crew Striped Tee / 11. J.Crew Nude Skort / 12. Madewell Cornelia Romper / 13. J.Crew Denim Skirt / 14. Madewell Silk Skirt / 15. J.Crew Boyfriend Shorts / 16. Shedrain Umbrella / 17. J.Crew Linen Swing Sweater / 18. Nike Air Pegasus Sneakers / 19. Stuard Weitzman Nude Heels / 20. Loeffler Randall Split Loafers

It’s been awhile since my last trip to NYC, and I’m dying to go back. The summers are usually hot, and sometimes (ok, usually) humid. The sweater is light and perfect to layer on a plane, while the other items leave plenty of options for outfit changes and such. If you want to lighten your load even more, I’d remove the one of the skirts and striped tee. If you don’t plan to go anywhere nice, leave the heels at home. I think my favorite piece from this list is the sunglasses, they are so quirky and different. You can shop the links above and see outfits below.

Travel Outfit Nice outfit for Summer in NYC

Summer outfit for NYC Summer outfit for NYC

Nice outfit for Summer in NYC Summer outfit for NYC

Summer outfit for NYC Summer outfit for NYC

Summer outfit for NYC Travel Outfit

Sunset in NYC


What would you pack for Summer in NYC?

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Heading to NYC for a weekend in May then on to Greece not sure as to what to pack. Any suggestions?

How perfect I came across this post on Pinteret. I’m traveling to NY next week and was looking at the weather on how I should dress during my stay. Thanks so much for sharing! This was helpful.

Going to NYC next week thanks for the tip, same idea travel cool mix and match!,, thanks……

Have a great trip! I just saw on the news about a heat wave there, so stay cool too. 🙂

Eeeeek I love this! So perfect for me especially since I just moved to NYC 🙂 Sneakers are seriously a must!

[…] going to need to wear it every day. If you’re packing for summer, click to view the Summer in NYC packing list […]

I need all of these! haha! these stuff would definitely make your NYC trip a great one. <3

Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

How awesome! I’m heading to NYC soon, and I know it won’t be nearly as hot as Texas lol. This is a great list to help me prepare!

Love all of your outfit choices!! If I’m in the city, I def would bring comfy shoes and that probably all that would be on my “must bring” list. now, NYC in the winter is a whole different story!
Southern Elle Style

Wow, I LOVE all these sets! I would wear every single one.
Can you believe I’ve never been to NYC? I NEED a trip there soon!
Really like your blog!
CS Gems

These are such awesome tips! A bunch of my friends went to NYC a few weeks ago, and I think all of this info would have really helped them – they kept texting me telling me how they were melting in the NYC heat!
xx, Victoria

I would pack little for summer in NYC because I would buy everything there 😉 xx

Hahaha, PERFECT idea!

Such a great packing list!! If only I had this the last time I visited NYC in the summer!! <3
Amanda |

Such great tips!! Wish I had seen this before I spent the summer there last year!!
xx, Bri

Amazing outfits. I love how they can be mixed and matched. This is something I need to work on when I’m packing. I feel like I throw everything in my suitcase without giving much thought to being able to mix it up. I love the denim skirt with the Nikes!!!

I always try to pack in neutral colors for trips so that my outfits can go further. Great ideas!

OBSESSED with everything you put together! They are amazing looks! Love those black loafers!!


THAT bucket bag. I need. You created some amazing packing ideas/outfit ideas! Love them all!
xx, Karen

I’m lusting after it so hard right now. Right after the sunnies. I have a thing for weird sunglasses, haha.

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