Oct 02, 2013

Palo Alto Airport Day

1Q8A2054-2 1Q8A2057 1Q8A2088-2 1Q8A2074-2 1Q8A2064 1Q8A2128 1Q8A2096-2 1Q8A2141 1Q8A2115 1Q8A2101 1Q8A2166 1Q8A2117 1Q8A2167 1Q8A2164 1Q8A2171-2 1Q8A2176

We arrived to the Palo Alto Airport around 1, planes buzzing overhead. The boys’ eyes widened with excitement as we approached the festivities. Søren became more willing to hold my hand when the planes would fly overhead. We spent our time watching and exploring planes, helicopters, and even a gyrocopter. It was like a paradise for budding little aviators.

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