Jan 29, 2014

Rock City, Mount Diablo


We started the year off right by going for a hike at Rock City in Mount Diablo State Park with some family. It was fairly easy and Aiden really enjoyed climbing on all the rocks. Søren wasn’t quiet old enough to do any major climbing but still had a good time getting dirty.
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Mt Diablo looks beautiful and your photos are just wonderful 🙂
I’ve never been there before which is crazy as it’s so close to Berkeley when I live. Must take the family there for a hike soon.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you! You should definitely check it out. The drive up wasn’t too bad and had some beautiful views and the hike is more than easy enough for kids with lots of interesting stops along the way.

I truly believe hiking with your family is the best way to bond! There is something about the fresh air…

We’ve gone for easier walks before but lately we’ve been into different hikes. It’s always a nice break from the hustle and bustle of life.

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