Side Project: Rustic Farmhouse Refresh

Dec 20, 2021

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As they say, it takes a village. Growing up my extended family always played a large part in my life, especially my grandparents. I’ve always been grateful and knew that one day I wanted to do something to give back to them. My Grandma has lived in the same house for 25 years and it hasn’t been updated so when Everhome approached me about a partnership I knew that I wanted to gift my Grandma with a much-needed update to her Rustic Farmhouse.

Rustic Farmhouse Before

Rustic Farmhouse Before

Grandma's Space Before

Almost any flooring that has seen a lot of wear and tear for 25 years will show its age. Grandma's carpet has hosted many holiday dinners, birthdays and other gatherings and it really has started to show. Her space also lacked some much needed shelving for light storage and displaying her favorite plants and other decorative items.

Grandma and I have a little different styles, hers being more traditional and mine being more modern. She wanted something a little more updated so when I approached her space I knew that it would be a combination of our two styles. I knew that the biggest update will obviously be the flooring. Together we selected a pretty Napa Oak Shade by Everhome. It’s not too light to show dirt easily, but it’s also warm enough to keep some of the rustic charm in the space. If you’re curious how your space might look with a flooring update, Everhome has a really cool room visualizer that you can use online.

The shelves are a hand-me-down from my living room and the console table is a free find that I repainted and updated with some pretty brass snail knobs. Grandma loves flowers and gardening, so the curtains were a no-brainer. As blackout curtains, they also serve the dual function of helping keep her house cool from the west facing sun that her dining room gets all afternoon.

Rustic Farmhouse Before Rustic Farmhouse After

Flooring Transformation

I knew that Grandma's house needed an update in a big way, so one of the larger transformations was the flooring.

She chose flooring in the shade Napa Oak by Everhome. They generously gifted the flooring for this transformation and it was so easy to install. Their SPC Vinyl flooring is perfect for having the look of real hardwood floors without the cost of upkeep and maintenance. It's also waterproof and durable which is perfect in her age. She was happily surprised to learn that her floors are maintenance free.

Installing the flooring was easy and only took a few days. With a little help from my husband and brother we carefully removed trim, ripped out all of her carpet and padding, then cleared the floor of any debris like staples, dust, etc.

After that was completed I took some measurements and began to lay the flooring. The flooring is very easy to install and can be trimmed with a box cutter and metal ruler. For trickier areas I used a handheld jigsaw but it wasn't necessary. I purchased a vinyl floor kit to help with installs against walls and around floor vents.

Head over to my instagram to see behind the scenes from the install.

As a side note, if you can clear a room entirely of furniture before starting it is very helpful. A lot of extra time was spent shuffling furniture from here to there, but it can be done.

Grandma's Space After

Overall we are both very happy with how the update turned out. I focused on the dining room decor wise, but we installed new flooring in her dining, living, kitchen, hallway, and had enough left over to do her office as well. She’s excited to have flooring with more minimal upkeep and as an added bonus the dust in the air has come down a lot more too. I’m so thankful to Everhome for sponsoring this project, it has made such a big impact on my Grandma’s outlook on life and ours as well.


What a wonderful gift to your grandma. The house looks more modern, beautiful and brighter after the update. You did a great job, I’m sure that your grandmother would love this gift a lot.

What a wonderful gift to your grandmother – the final results are beautiful.

This update is wonderful! I love how much it brightened up the space. It is so nice that the floors are waterproof too

Amazing how much the new floors really transform the space!

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