Søren’s Toddler Room, Updated


Awhile back I shared Sørens travel inspired toddler room. Time has gone by and he’s grown quite a bit, so recently I did a little update to make the room work a little better for him. One of the biggest changes is that I removed all of the globe stickers from the wall. They were very busy and didn’t make the space feel relaxing for bed time. Both boys also had a blast helping me peel them all off.

The next big change is that I added a FLOR rug. I’ve been dying to get one for years, so when FLOR offered to send one over, I couldn’t say no. It was a lot easier to piece together than I thought it would be, and although I was a little worried about the squares having a rough texture, but it’s very soft. Søren spends more time playing in his room now, and it makes the room feel more grounded.

I brought the bins out of the closet for easier access, and pared down his toys and books. There are still some in other places, but he seemed more at peace in his room. I designed a set of bright lab lights to add a little fun to the room, and he loves that he can turn them on and off on his own. I also removed the security rail from his bed, and so far he hasn’t rolled out, haha. I changed his duvet cover back to the one I had in their shared room and it seems to brighten up the space better. I’m contemplating getting rid of the polar bear rocker next because he barely uses it. I am so hesitant because of my attachment to it. I purchased it when we were dealing with infertility issues, so it’s been a constant reminder of our struggles. Seeing him on it gives me closure, but he doesn’t seem to play on it much except when I bring attention to it. Maybe he will spend more time on it now that there are less toys taking up space.

My friend made a good point when she told me, “Sometimes I have to ask myself who I’m keeping the item for, me or my son?”. It put everything into perspective for me when it came to cleaning his room out. Some items I didn’t have the heart to get rid of, so they’re being saved to rotate in later.

Have you ever had an internal struggle while cleaning out your child’s room?

Toddler Boy's Bedroom Update Toddler Boy's Bedroom Update Toddler Boy's Bedroom Update Flensted Viking Mobiles Toddler boy bedroom Toddler boy bedroom Toddler boy bedroom Toddler boy bedroom Toddler boy bedroom


I listed sources for most items below, but if you’d like to ask about a specific item, feel free to do so in the comments!

Tarva Bed by Ikea
Black Linen Duvet Cover by H&M
Security Rail by Oeuf NYC

Componibili Nightstand by Kartell
Mini Library Shelf by Oeuf NYC
Polar Bear Rocker by Netto
Kebnekaise Pouf Bean Bag by Little Red Stuga
Jute Storage Baskets from H&M
Road Rug from H&M (similar / similar / wall version)

Viking Mobile by Flensted
Can’t Miss Airplane Knob by Land of Nod
Pom Pom Garland by Toto Knits Shop

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Responses to “Søren’s Toddler Room, Updated”

  1. love the viking ship mobile !
    but I hear you on the struggle- especially when they are younger, sometimes culling their things can be difficult as these are the items that we so lovingly picked out for them when they couldn’t yet pick out their own. all in good time…

    1. Thanks, it’s one of my favorite pieces. 🙂

      I’m really amazed he hasn’t asked for any of the things I took out yet. He’s just content with what’s in there. It’s encouraging at least.

  2. It looks so bright and clean and organized. I love the revamp 🙂 Nice work!

    1. Thanks Reichel!

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  5. Where are the sheets from?

    1. The duvet set is by DwellStudio, but it’s sold out. I have mine for sale, if you are interested in purchasing send me an e-mail.

  6. Yes I’m interested! What size full or queen?

  7. Dominique

    Hi, I’m interested in the rug below the car rug. Looks like felt squares?

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