Jul 02, 2014

Stateroom Tour – Star Princess Cruise Ship

team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-1 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-2 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-3 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-4 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-5 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-6 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-7 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-8 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-9 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-10 team-wiking-alaskan-cruise-stateroom-mini-suite-tour-star-princess-11During our 16-day trip to Denmark things got a little cramped in our 160sq ft hotel room so for our 11-Day cruise to Alaska I was a little more careful when choosing a room for our family of 4. Luckily aboard the Star Princess Cruise Ship we had the option to book a 323sq ft mini-suite with a balcony. I liked the layout and extra space for the boys to play. I also liked that we had a balcony to get fresh air, take in the views, or just relax a little. We had a queen sized bed, a foldout queen sofa, and a drop-down upper bunk (Aiden used this!), refrigerator, duel-angled TV’s, and a full bathroom (with tub!) and closet. It was seriously like a little home away from home.

Søren ended up sleeping in bed with us most of the night but we always put him down on the couch cushions on the floor at bedtime. The room was fairly easy to baby proof and the phone was a bit easier to keep away from him than at normal hotels. I moved the furniture on the balcony away from the railing so my little climber couldn’t try anything if he managed to get out on his own (he couldn’t open the sliding door anyway). The only thing that really set us back in the baby proofing department were the stateroom door (had no chain lock) and the bathroom door. We ended up putting our suitcases in front of them while in the room so that he could not escape or play in the bathroom on his own.


Tomorrow I’m going to go over what the hardest part of the cruise was for me, packing (lightly, of course)!

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Great Pictures! Very helpful for our up coming cruise on the Star. I am curious how far out the sofa bed comes when it is made into a bed. Is there a lot of space to walk around it to get to the balcony (can you have it out all the time?) Is it a full queen (comparable to the main queen bed?)

Thank you for review!

Thanks! The sofa bed left a small amount of space to walk by. We mostly used the pull down top bunk so that our older son could have a little private area and so that the younger one wouldn’t climb/fall into any sofa bed cracks. I don’t think it was the same size as the regular bed. The regular bed was more like two singles put together to make a double. Our cabin stewardess came and turned down the beds every night, then packed the bunk up in the morning and cleaned while we were at breakfast.

That is one epic room! My parents and my sister stayed in a tiny little bunker on their cruise. Nice, but small.

This room is so lovely. And I love your photos 🙂

My mom stayed in smaller rooms when she went too. I think it’s a lot easier if you don’t have young ones, or mostly if you don’t have a crazy toddler, lol.

Yes, I think if there were only two of us we wouldn’t have opted for a larger room. There wasn’t a lot of difference in the price anyway so I feel like it was well worth it for our sanity.

Nice room! We are going on a cruise soon and have a regular balcony room. But there are only two of us so we don’t need a lot if space.

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