Dec 09, 2013

Stocking Stuffer Guide

If you’re anything like me buying gifts for people comes easily, where I stall is finding useful stocking stuffers for everyone. I always strive to give gifts that are useful, durable, and something that someone would like. I don’t like to give toys that will fall apart in a few months, or stuff that is so Christmas-y themed that it only gets used once a year.

For Baby / Last year for Søren’s stocking I put some items that he needed anyway, and a few toys. Organic baby food pouches and a wooden camera teether were favorites.


1. Oeuf Taxi / 2. Star Outfit / 3. Heart Teether / 4. Sophie the Giraffe / 5. Green Moccs / 6. Candy String / 7. Unschuldslämmer / 8. Bonne Nuit / 9. Bear Feet

For Toddler / This year for Søren’s stocking he is getting a couple of practical items mixed with some toys. He really enjoys helping me around the house and doing imaginary things, like making animal noises or playing with cars and puppets. I’m also a fan of these cute little bath bombs from lush called ickle baby bot. Instead of candy I will include some snacks like Annie’s organic bunnies or fruit

1. Chicken Clicker / 2. Organic Ski Hat / 3. Freddy Fox / 4. Mini Shoe Wings / 5. DIY Chalk Blocks / 6. Kid’s Apron / 7. Castle Rattles / 8. Wooden Camera / 9. Kuruma Car

For Kids / When kids start to get older they enjoy almost any knick knack


1. Globe Ball / 2. Temporary Pug Tattoos / 3. Voice Changer / 4. Wooden Rocket / 5. Tic Tac Toe / 6. Spinning Tree Tops / 7. Whistle / 8. Magnetic Blocks / 9. London Car Set

For Teens / I feel like a teen would only be happy with a stocking full of cash, but since that’s probably not very budget friendly you should probably check out this stuff instead:


1. Penguin Page Markers / 2. Coal Bubble Gum / 3. Emoji Stickers / 4. Hair Chalk / 5. Stitch The Stars / 6. S’well Bottle / 7. Striped Pencils / 8. Glow in the Dark Case / 9. Ideas Notebooks

For Mom / I feel like sometimes mom gets shafted year-round so when it comes to her (see also: my) stocking, big things definitely come in small packages.


1. Lulu Frost Numbers Ring / 2. Gold Pouch / 3. Hair ties / 4. Bubble Bath / 5. Don’ts for Wives / 6. Triple C Amplifier Egg / 7. Fanned Bracelet / 8. Card Case / 9. Travel Set

For Dad / Poor dad always gets the most necessities when it comes to the stocking, so I always try to find the cooler looking ones. I also like to go to Cost Plus World Market to get miniature cheese, sausage, crackers, etc. to put in his stocking. I’ll save the slippers, pajamas, and electric razor for his actual gifts.


1. Finger Bottle Opener / 2. The Beer Deck / 3. Glycerin Soap / 4. Don’ts for Husbands / 5. Survival Card / 6. Cut Above The Rest / 7. Bike Flask / 8. Fifty Farts / 9. Triple C Charger

For Pets / I usually just include a lot of treats and stuff I’d normally buy in our pet’s stockings (when we use them). Sometimes a new toy or bed if they need it, otherwise not much. Our kids probably think Santa doesn’t love them very much, but honestly I don’t think they notice any fluctuation in the fairness of Santa as long as they are covered.


1. Pug Napkins / 2. Coal Treats / 3. Bone Brush / 4. Bone Roller / 5. Grumpy Plush / 6. French Bulldog Memo / 7. Octopus Rope Toy / 8. Treat Tin / 9. Laser Cat Toy

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this are all great ideas! thanks for sharing!

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