Favorite Stylish Carry On Luggage

Favorite Black Carry-On Goods
Black: Voyageur Super Leger International Carry On (similar)/ Silk & Cashmere Eye Mask / Zero Stargazer Cosmetics Case / Seattle Skyline Color Change Umbrella

Favorite Metallic Carry-On Goods
Metallic: Atlantic Silver Cosmetics Case / DeLite Dot Umbrella / Cross Trolley Leather Suitcase / Metro Quilted Oxford Nylon Backpack

Favorite Neutral Carry-On Goods
Neutral: Large Rose Cosmetics Case / Soho Textured Leather Diary / Luggage Honore Carry On / Green Leather Travel Set

Favorite Bright Carry-On Goods
Bright: Pretty Nylon Cosmetics Bag / Yellow Leather Travel Set / Floral International Carry On / Calais Computer Backpack

I know I write quite often about what to pack to Travel Light, but haven’t yet covered what to put any of it in. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite stylish carry on luggage above, as well as some accessories to coordinate. I always pack a carry on suitcase and a purse, bag, or tote. Sometimes I pack a smaller clutch, or spare bag as well but it depends on the trip and who I’m traveling with. You can shop all of the items above or below:

What is your favorite carry-on item to pack?

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Responses to “Favorite Stylish Carry On Luggage”

  1. I almost always opt for carry-on. I’ve never coordinated my carry-on luggage, but it seems like such a sweet and simple way to elevate travel style. My favorite set would have to be the ultra-chic all black. I especially love the kitty sleeping mask, an essential for air travel, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing!


    1. My go-to is black as well, but I reallyyyyy love that geometric tan case. It’s beautiful! <3

  2. My goodness – these put my carry-on luggage to shame! haha.
    Pretty sure I’ll have to update mine asap!! <3

    Amanda | http://www.thechambraybunny.com

  3. Great picks! I am loving that floral suitcase and the coral cosmetics bag!!

  4. Can you be my personal shopper please? I want it all, thanks!
    I hate packing, I’m horrible at it. My carry on weighed more than my actual check in luggage.. even though it was just a backpack. It was so bad, lugging that thing around.

  5. What great choices! I need new luggage. Love the floral print one!
    Carrie and Stacy

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