Aug 25, 2015

Summer Outfit in Maui

Lou & Grey Silk Cutaway Dress / Prada Sunglasses / J.Crew Gladiator Sandals (similar)

I packed pretty light for our trip to Maui, but one of my favorite outfits was one this silk dress from Lou & Grey. It was perfect with the heat and humidity, and was very easily dressed up or down. I really love to travel with silk because it is so light to pack, and is often very versatile. I usually spend a few minutes ironing my clothes and hanging them up once we arrive to our destination.

You can shop my Summer outfit in Maui above or below:

Outfit in HawaiiSunset silhouette photos in Maui

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Amazing dress, you can never go wrong with a black silk dress in summer! x

Thanks! I think I’m addicted, haha. It’s so light and easy.

Just wondering if others are only able to see just half of a picture? It has been this way since you changed the blog around. If I hold down and drag picture off to side you can then see full picture.

That’s weird, what device are you using?

Do you know what your screen resolution is set to? The design is responsive so it should be fine at any size. I’ve tried it on two different windows computers and it seems fine. There are 3 images in this post.

A desktop computer with windows 7 professional on it. At first I thought it was my computer at work, but when I would use my laptop at home it did the same thing. I didn’t realize I could only see roughly 2/3 of picture until I accidentally had my mouse on the picture and drug it off to the side and saw that there was more to the picture. I am able to see the full picture of the first pic. you have posted of your pretty dress. Was just wondering if it was me or maybe there are others and they just don’t realize either? Either way I love your pictures, especially when the drone is used. Beautiful birds eye view!

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