Summer Wardrobe Staples

Summer wardrobe staples for 2016, my favorites including Cuyana, Triangl, J.Crew, Sonix, Céline and more.
Above: Cuyana Oversized Straw Beach Hat, Sonix Beverly Hills Case (similar), Celine Pretty Sunglasses, Cuyana Apres Swim Coverup, Triangl Gigi California Coconut Bikini, and J.Crew Crisscross Sandals (similar)

I feel like no matter the season, there will always be those items that you just have to have for it. On top of my travels, I also spend a ton of time at the beach and pool with my family (hard life, right?). It’s pretty easy to do in California, so Summer wardrobe essentials are important to me. I don’t like to collect a ton of every single item (but I am a sucker for Summer clothing), but instead to choose my very favorite type of piece to wear across the seasons and years. Today I’m sharing some of my very favorites, separated by category.

Oversize Sun Hat
I always wear an oversize hat when I’m at the beach or pool. It’s so important to help keep the sun off your face and keep your skin looking youthful.

Good Sunscreen
I know everyone has a favorite sunscreen, just be sure to wear it! I love to wear mine layered with my other products with SPF protection in them as well.

Ahh, sunglasses, the windows to the soul. Or is that eyes? Either way, these cover them up and I never go anywhere without a trusty black pair.

I love a good one-piece swimsuit. I’m not sure why I’m always drawn to them, they’re just so comfortable and classic. I really love that they can be paired with a pair of bottoms to make an outfit most of the time.

Swim Cover Up

As I mentioned earlier in the SPF section, I hide from the sun. Even at the beach, if I’m not in the water I’m probably wearing a swim cover of some sort.

Summer Dress
A good summer dress is versatile in nature. It can be worn during the day with sandals or flats, and dressed up at night for something fancier.

Tote Bag
A beach bag is almost as important to me as a beach hat. It needs to be large enough to hold everything, but not so large it’s hard to carry.

Summer Sandals
I love wearing sandals, and lucky for me it’s almost possible to wear them year-round in California. My favorite styles are always on the simple side.

Summer Beauty
While I’m a natural-makeup lover at heart, sometimes I love bringing in a little blush-hued tones for Summer, especially a pinkish lip.


Most of these items could be very easily used year-round, especially if you do any traveling. I think my favorite Summer must have is this swim cover-up.

What are some of your favorite Summer wardrobe staples this year?

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Responses to “Summer Wardrobe Staples”

  1. yesenia

    Hi! Great post!

    How do I find out the brand of the black slide sandals you have in your picture?


    1. Ahh, they’re J.Crew from a year or two ago. When I first got them they were very uncomfortable so I put them up, and now for some reason they’re perfect. So weird. I think these are very similar:

  2. You have the best wardrobe staples, and really I just need to buy everything you post every time because its so perfect!!
    Karen |

  3. These are such essentials! I love that white bikini!

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. These are really excellent items for summer time, and I love the white bikini. It’s so chic & looks comfy, but everything you have here is amazing! xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. love that triangl!! i have been eyeing that suit 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  6. Love the sunnies and the white swimsuit!

    Amanda ||

  7. So many great pieces! I am so into tote bags this summer. I need to restrain myself from buying more.

    Love that white suit, too!

  8. Great picks for summer! I need the hat and suit in my summer stash.
    Ky Jade |

  9. Wearing clothes that are durable and utilitarian simplifies life.

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