Mar 17, 2017

3 Tips for Winter to Spring Outfits

3 Winter to Spring outfits, and style tips for transitioning seasons.

Wearing: Prada Timeless Sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim Satin Silk Tee, J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon CoatCuyana Leather Zipper Bag, Wilfred Free Daria Pant (vegan leather, similar by Blank NYC), Veja Esplar Sneakers

Even though it’s still raining here, it’s officially Spring on the calendar. We’ve had a few sunny days and all of the flora around here is going crazy. I love beautiful flowers and trees but the amount of pollen in the air is killing me. Regardless, I’ve been outside soaking up the sun and focusing on updating my wardrobe a bit. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Winter to Spring outfit tips and tricks for transitioning seasons.

Assess your current closet.
It might not be time to clean all your Winter gear out, but you can start to set aside items and make note of ones you didn’t wear at all last Winter. I usually start shoving items farther back in my closet so that I have them together when it comes time for the big closet cleanout.

Layers are your friend.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, we typically have foggy cool mornings and sometimes coat-less afternoons. I usually wear lighter layers to deal with the change in temperature easily. In the outfit above I love the silk tee because it is light but when paired with my coat can be very warm. I happily switched to sneakers instead of warmer boots for the Spring season.

Think about your color palette.
I wear a ton of black and other neutral colors, so while they are pretty season-less, other colors may not be. I think colors like oxblood and hunter green are more Winter colors, while light pink and army green are a little less seasoned. In the Spring I like to bring out lighter shoes and neutral nudes and pinks.

3 Winter to Spring outfits, and style tips for transitioning seasons. 3 Winter to Spring outfits, and style tips for transitioning seasons.

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What are your favorite ways to transition from Winter to Spring?

Photos by Kate Skogen for Hej Doll.

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that’s a very nice and simple but elegant outfit! i like pants! it looks so unique !

Great tips! I like to layer pieces. It can be really chilly in the mornings so I wear a sweater over my spring wardrobe. I also have a few staple pairs of pants that help me transition from cold to warm.

Love this winter to spring outfit! It’s nice to have a versatile outfit especially when the weather is being unpredictable.

This is a really nice outfit, black has always been my default color and I love wearing it. I think it’s nice that this is versatile, you can choose to have the jacket on or off. Love it.

I had a pair of leather pants that were very similar to the ones you have on here. I really liked them and I wish I still had them.

This is basically my perfect outfit 🙂 I have finished phase one of closet cleanse and now starting to look into infusing more spring and summer pieces. About a year or two ago I decided to simplify my closet with classic neutrals and it has been SO MUCH EASIER! I used to buy so much color and never wear it!
Always love your tips!!
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Can’t go wrong with black!! Love this look, especially that great tote!


I’m rocking a lot of faux leather pants these days too. I’m so ready for warmer weather, but I’ve got to be realistic.

I love your outfit and the leather pants go well with everything. I can’t wait for Spring here.

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