Jun 12, 2014

Pack For The Beach!


01. Beach Tote / 02. Water Bottle / 03. Sunglasses / 04. Turkish Towel / 05. Sweater / 06. Sun Shade / 07. Sun Hat / 08. Extra Towels / 09. Sunscreen / 10. Beach Radio / 11. Beach Games / 12. Flapped Backpack

Summer is finally starting to warm up here near the coast and we’ve already made a few beach trips. Check out all of this stylish beach gear to keep you safe and having fun on the beach for hours on end.

01. Beach Tote – I like to carry this to put clean towels in on the way, and sandy items in when we go home.
02. Water Bottle – Water is essential for staying hydrated on the beach, and for washing out sandy mouths.
03. Sunglasses – The glare on the sand can be pretty intense sometimes, I pack sunnies for the kids as well.
04. Turkish Towel – I bring this towel for myself to sit on or nap on with Søren. It can also act as a blanket.
05. Sweater – For when the sunset breeze picks up and you need to keep warmer.
06. Sun Shade – We always sit under a shade and have the kids play under it as well.
07. Sun Hat – I like to wear a floppy brimmed hat, and we pack hats for the kids, too.
08. Extra Towels – I bring a couple of extra towels for the kids to sit on, dry off with, Etc.
09. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is essential! Broad spectrum is best. California Baby is our favorite. We use both the lotion and the stick on extra burn prone areas.
10. Beach Radio – You can store your phone inside of this and it’s durable enough for the beach.
11. Beach Games – This set is adorable, we bring along a couple of buckets and shovels too.
12. Flapped Backpack – This backpack is perfect for clean clothes, diapers, wipes, wallet, etc.

Our items vary a little, replacing the paddle boards with sand toys and the beach tent for something more feasible for us to carry. We also bring along an ice chest that has a handy strap to carry it. We try to keep everything as mobile as possible in case I make a trip by myself with the boys.

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