Nov 20, 2013

Travel Tips: The 3oz Rule

travel-tips-3-oz-rule With holiday travel coming up I wanted to focus this month’s travel tips on the 3oz rule. You know what I’m talking about. 3 ounces per bottle in a 1quart bag. I don’t think that anyone enjoys this rule but since I always make it a point to travel with carry on luggage only, I have become quite skilled at following the “3 ounce rule” when it comes to liquids. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite products that work well when you go through security without sacrificing quality.


The liquids that I do include in my bag are my foundationfacial moisturizer, travel-sized hand sanitizer, and my favorite top coat nail polish for touch ups. Sometimes if I don’t bring a bar of solid soap I like to include body wash, like these travel sized Yes to Grapefruit Rejuvenating Body Wash or Yes to Blueberries Ultra Hydrating Body Wash. They both smell delicious and don’t take up precious space in my liquids bag.


Other items I keep in my cosmetic bag but don’t have to include in my liquids bag are makeup wipes like these Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. They are travel sized so they even fit in your purse for when you’re not traveling. I also pack a solid shampoo barface soap, a solid massage bar that can be used for massage or as body lotion, and tooth tabs instead of liquid toothpaste. I feel like these nail polish remover wipes are worth a mention too, they seem like a great idea.

This post was sponsored by and made possible by Yes to and all opinions expressed are my own. If you would like to win some of your own yes to travel sized goodies, please check out their holiday giveaway below!


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I love this lineup! It’s always hard to remember what to pack when flying. Once my brother was traveling right after they enacted this rule and he had to toss every.single.bottle. in his carryon. Totally sucked 🙁 We aren’t flying anywhere this holiday season but with two boys I am all for saving space in the car! I am totally taking the Yes to Cucumbers wipes with us down to Portland in a few weeks! You just never know when they might be handy!

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