Jun 23, 2014

Wanderlust / California Dreamin’

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kid & Coe, a really cool kid-friendly travel company that has seriously been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Kid & Coe Rentals that I’d like to visit in California.

kid-and-coe-russian-river-1 kid-and-coe-russian-river-2 kid-and-coe-russian-river-3 Riverside Drive Residence / Russian River Area, near Sonoma, California
We have been to Russian River quite a few times during the off-season and would love to return to during the warmer summer months.

kid-and-coe-san-francisco-1 kid-and-coe-san-francisco-2 kid-and-coe-san-francisco-3 Leavenworth Residence / Russian Hill in San Francisco, California
We live pretty close to San Francisco, so it’s not a very realistic destination for us, but it’s always fun to dream about staying overnight for a few days, almost like a staycation.

kid-and-coe-santa-monica-1 kid-and-coe-santa-monica-2 kid-and-coe-santa-monica-3 12th Street Residence / Santa Monica, California
I like how this is closer to the beach, and I’m swooning over the kitchen backsplash because I know those are a practical dealbreaker when it comes to the search for a kid-friendly rental. Actually looking around it doesn’t look like there is a lot Søren would get into, which means less toddler chasing and more relaxing for us.

kid-and-coe-west-hollywood-1 kid-and-coe-west-hollywood-2 kid-and-coe-west-hollywood-3Cynthia Street Residence / West Hollywood, California
This rental reminds me of our home, mostly because of the courtyard. I also love that it has a workspace area, and is centrally located.

kid-and-coe-palm-springs-1 kid-and-coe-palm-springs-2 kid-and-coe-palm-springs-3Sycamore Residence / Palm Springs, California
I’ve been wanting to visit Palm Springs for awhile now, and the boys would probably be in the pool from sun-up to sun-down here.

A part of me wishes I could actually live in these beautiful places instead of just renting. Which is your favorite?

All images used with permission, copyright Kid & Coe.

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oooh i love the last one. i’m dying to visit palm springs. but the santa monica one looks right up my alley (and right up the street!)

I wish I could live in a couple of these, but not Palm Springs because I don’t want to live in the desert. But I want to stay there so bad! Lol.

Beautiful homes! I’d love to visit California.

You should – California is worth a stop!

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