Aug 18, 2022

Wearing Pajamas to Work

My very favorite thing about Mondays is when I wake up in my pajamas. What if I wore my pajamas to work? Today I’m sharing a few outfits with you that include pajamas as work outfits, as well as some pajamas that transition easily from the bedroom to the boardroom. Professional pajamas, if you will.

Tips for a Wearing Pajamas to Work

  1. Limit the lace, please.
    A small amount of lace at the top of a camisole under a blazer might be fine but anything more alludes more to bedroom instead of boardroom.
  2. Stick with pieces that could pass as regular clothing.
    Fabric matters. I love my linen for this reason, with silk as a close second. If you’re iffy on a piece, ask yourself if it were hung up at the store by itself, would it look like clothing or pajamas?
  3. Wear as separates instead of a head-to-toe look.
    This will help you to avoid leaning too far into the pajama feel. Pair a silky item with something that has structure, like a pencil skirt or high waisted pants.

Pajamas to Professional Outfits

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