Sep 24, 2014

Week 38, The Sand Box

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Though the weather is still warm here, Summer officially came to a close this week. The boys celebrated by soaking up some sand in their sandbox. Cooler weather probably won’t stop us from heading to the beach, or spending lots of time outside but I’m definitely looking forward to it. We’re in a severe draught, so some rain would be wonderful as well.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

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Your kids are so beautiful and look like they have a wonderful home with such a lovely mother as you are very thoughtful and adventurous

That’s a nice sandbox! My kids would love it! I love that it’s shaded.

So love that sandbox. There is something about kids and a sandbox. Haven’t met a kid yet that did not like the box.

Thrifting Diva

Beautiful pictures. I’m hoping that we have a sandbox for our little one someday (I bet our pups would love it, too!).

I used to love building sandcastles when I was younger. Looks like they are enjoying themselves.

Looks like such fun! I’m hoping to get a sandbox for our backyard 🙂

That is SUCH a cool sandbox! We have one of those little turtle ones in our backyard and my 10 month old loves it!

I love the sand box. The covering over the box would be great in this tx heat! We like to try and get outside as much as we can to. we are also praying for some rain.

Beautiful shots as always. I love their little sandbox!

Can’t believe they’re still in t shirts and shorts. It’s positively arctic here!

Katie <3

I wish it would cool off here ! We need fall, and we need rain so much !

Such pretty pictures! I never would have thought to put a strainer in the sandbox. I know what will be going in my daughter’s sand box next year!

I love that sandbox! Looks like so much fun!

these photos are storytelling at it best! so artistic!

I love your photography so much! I LOVED having a sandbox in the backyard when we lived back home!!!

Your photos are gorgeous! I love the light in the first one. I’d just want to sit there with an iced coffee, screw the sand. :p

Great photos, love the light!

We just added one last week and my 21 month would not leave it’s been great.

Random horror story from when I was young. My parents ALWAYS had a sandbox for us when we were children. I may have been a late bloomer and played in the sandbox until I was way too old to play in it, I’m sure people thought I was a weirdo. Regardless of that. The neighbourhood cat came over to me – and everyone including the owner was terrified of this tiny thing, which is now why to this day I’m still frigtened of them. He came over, too close for comfort if you ask me, so I stood up. That’s where out of nowhere the friggen lunatic cat launched his MOUTH onto my KNEE. I couldn’t wiggle or shake him off in the matter of seconds which felt like minutes, so I bent over and plucked his teeth out of my knee with a popsicle stick. That’s why I’m afraid. Every cat. Ninja skills.

Sorry. I had to tell you.

I’m laughing so hard right now. No wonder you hate my cat. This explains so much, lolllllll.

What an awesome sandbox, it’s huge! I would’ve loved having one of these in my yard when I was a kid.

That is one helluva sand box. By the way, your photos are beautiful.
The Accidental Mama

Love these photo’s! Action shots are the best!

The sandbox is so cute and I love the shade tent over it! Playing in sand in the hot sun can be rough but this looks so fun!

I need to get my little one a sandbox. He loves playing in the sand after discovering it for the first time this summer. Great pictures!

We don’t live anywhere close to a beach, so I definitely want to make a sandbox for my little guy next summer. We took him to CA over the summer and he absolutely LOVED playing on the beach!

LOVE these pictures! I remember having a sandbox when I was little, the only problem was the neighbor cats would poop in it… that’s so rude! and nasty, so needless to say I didn’t really ever get to play in it.

You always take the most wonderful photos. I wish AZ would cool down a bit as well! Doing a rain dance for you, my dear! xo

Your photos never cease to amaze me! I used to love playing in the sand box as a kid <3

My girls love their sand box, and we don’t spend nearly as much time as we should. Great shots as usual!

This is such a cute little sandbox! I wish I had one of these growing up!

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