Nov 05, 2014

Week 44, Getting Ink

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The Toca Ink tattoos featured in this post I received complementary from Toca Boca. All opinions, text, and images are my own.

From time to time the boys end up with temporary tattoos on them. They’ve ranged from Thomas to Bobo Choses and everywhere in between. Søren always takes a long time to warm up to stickers that he can’t peel off. Toca Boca just launched a new line, called the Artist Play Series. The first collaboration is a set of temporary tattoos called Toca Ink. They are designed by Virginia Elwood and feature characters from the world of Toca Boca. She wanted to celebrate play, and how it fits into all areas of life. The boys really enjoyed the robots, even if it took Søren until the end of the day to warm up to it. I know his face looks sad, but now he’s running around talking about how he has a cute robot on his arm and a smile face on the other. Maybe he will let me put a few more on his arm, haha!

team-wiking-week-44-52-weeks-getting-ink-10 team-wiking-week-44-52-weeks-getting-ink-11

Did you play with temporary tattoos when you were younger? Do you have any tattoos now?

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Oh my gosh your little one and my little one would get along so well! He would have the exact same reaction, haha but these look great!

Ha! This is cute. I used to love those when I was younger.

My little ones will go CRAZY over this! Every party that has the washable tattoos, they will stand patiently in line. Thank you for sharing. Xmas stuffers for sure.

Thrifting Diva

Those are awesome! So colorful, and fun!

I’ve not heard of Toca Boca before, but these are adorable designs! I remember loving temporary tattoos when I was younger and feeling so cool when I put them on! Love the Soreen didn’t quite feel the same!

Katie <3

These are awesome! Seriously, I want some for myself!

My girl’s go through phases for temp tattoos. Some days they’re covered, some days they want nothing to do with them. Love the designs!

My 5 year old would love this and my 2 year old would like it until he realized he couldn’t take it off haha…

These are great, my daughter loves temporary tattoos.

LOL Aw, these are some pretty intricate temp. tattoos! They look awesome!

Oh my gosh I love these!! I still play with temporary tattoos, no permanent ones – needles terrify me and I change my mind far too often on what I’d want to get anyway.

haha that last picture is so funny! I LOVED stick on tattoos when I was a kid. I still put them on from time to time!

These are so cool. SO much better than the tacky ones you can buy at Walmart or whatever, the art on these is legit! Love it!

This is so cool and would be a great present for my boyfriends nephew since his dad has tattoos so he loves fake ones to be like his dad!

Haha! He doesn’t look very happy to have that tattoo:) Cute!

He looks adorable! Maybe he’s scared of the tattoo?

these are so adorable! i would even try them now since there’s no pain! =)

I didn’t but I wish I had, then maybe I wouldn’t have been filled with such angst about getting a real one. I got it and years later I regret it!

Aw, those tattoos are so cute! <3

These are too cute! I love this! I always drew tattoos on myself as a kid and I have 4 now. 3 of which I kinda regret and my daughter is always trying to rub them off or telling me I shouldn’t color on myself, but there’s a future life lesson in there for her somewhere, I think. 🙂 These are just fun though!

I love those tattoos! Hah! I might need to get some for myself 😉

I don’t have any tattoos, but I used to enjoy temporary ones. There are now flash tattoos that look like gold and silver jewelry that are pretty popular now. Would you try those out?

awww they are so cute, I do like fake tatts really ones scare me (the process more than anything)

Soren’s face cracks me up!! Still re-watching that video you sent me. I can’t wait to see their tattoo’s today. See you in a few! 🙂

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