Aiden’s Science Birthday Party

Nov 19, 2014

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I’m not sure how it happened, but Aiden turned 11 last weekend. Eleven. It sounds like such a big number to me right now. Every year I feel like his birthday sneaks up on me, as if he should just stay young forever. Alas, he is not. We had his party this year on his actual birth date, something we’ve never done before. I also kept the food simple, and thanks to Walmart Grocery (new home delivery service), I was able to have everything I needed food wise delivered ahead of time so I could focus on all of the more detailed stuff I wanted to do for the party.

We went with a science theme because Aiden has always been into anything related to science, inventions, and robots. I feel like he’s getting a little older and entering that awkward tween phase so I wanted to make sure it was cool enough for kids his age. We served sandwiches, chips, dip, and veggies for lunch, then had some delicious mini cupcakes for dessert. Through Walmart Grocery I was able to order most of my favorite organic food without the hassle of visiting a grocery store with Søren. I’ve never used a grocery service before and am not a huge fan of Walmart to begin with so I was a little hesitant when I agreed to try out the service. I was quite honestly surprised at how easy the online ordering tool was, and the very prompt delivery on my delivery date (they arrived at the start of a 4 hour window). There were a couple of items not in stock, which I wish I had known before placing my order, but they do offer the option of allowing substitutions which is nice.

The party took awhile to get going as traffic can be hit or miss on a weekend, but I think that everyone had a great time with lunch, watching the 3d printer, and enjoying each other’s company. I tried to keep it low key and relaxed. Aiden spent most of the time playing with his friends, and Søren was attempting to steal the show. Don’t worry Søren, the next birthday party will be yours!

If you want to know more about the service, check out and enter your zip code to see if it’s available in your area yet. They have generously offered $10 off your first order (Use code TMWIKING, $30 minimum, expires 12/15/2014). I think outside of party planning I’d be happy to use their service again provided they expand on their organic selection, and perhaps add some more local selection.

Walmart Grocery provided me with food and other items via a giftcard to try out their delivery service and share my honest review.

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Seriously?! JESSICA. This party looks INCREDIBLE!

Love this idea! Would be great to transform into an adult Breaking Bad party, too.

What a unique theme and executed so well!

This is beyond creative! Such a great party them for the science enthusiast! I will have to look into the Walmart Home Delivery!

What a fun theme for the birthday party! 🙂 Love the concept. Wow, 11?! 🙂

Congratulations Aiden!
Getting bigger and handsome 🙂

What an awesome idea! I love this theme! Looks like it was a huge success 🙂

Wow this is so awesome, I love the concept and decor. My hubby would love this… lol

Love the way you incorporated the periodic table. That is so creative!

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a great time!

This is an AWESOME theme! Definitely would’ve been cool for an 11 year old’s bday party.

I love the play on the Periodic Table of Elements! SO perfect for a boy/girl who appreciates all things science!

This is quite possibly the coolest party theme ever – I adore this!

Such an awesome party! I love the decorations!

wow! amazing party! such a great idea!!! my husband would love a party like this for him haha

Very unique and creative idea for a birthday party!

wow I am so impressed! My daughter turns right this weekend and I don’t have this same talent for decor and set up. I would think 11 would be a hard age to plan for but this is incredible! I’ll have to check out the delivery service- we live in the middle of nowhere so I’m doubtful but it would be amazing!

Jessica! this is such a cute idea for a boy’s birthday party…..or, really, just an elements themed party! great job mama! 😉

This is so creative/// I love the way you used the design of the periodic table.

I had so much fun at his party!!!!! The Guy was pleased to know Aiden liked the gift he picked out 🙂

He’s still playing with it! It’s an awesome gift.

OMG what a fun theme. I love it!

This is just perfect! I have a child the same age and it’s hard to be creative, but still be “cool” in their eyes. The period table idea is fabulous! Beautiful blog.

This is such a fun party! I love how well thought out everything was! Right down to the thank you! So cute. I hope he loved it!

Thanks! I’m glad I had the bit of extra time to plan out more detailed stuff. 🙂

First of all, what a unique theme for a birthday party, but so well done. Second of all, I use grocery delivery religiously in the city of course. Nice work!

Thanks! I would probably use it in the city regularly too.

Jessica… it looks like you used your creative skills once again to plan a successful party!! Amazing how these kids grow up so fast!!!

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