Jul 23, 2015

What to Pack for Greece In Summer

Travel Light / What to pack for Summer in Greece

1. Summer Hat / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Straw Tote / 4. Light Wrap / 5. Striped Clutch / 6. Striped Popover / 7. Striped Top / 8. Olive Silk Top / 9. Flutter Camisole / 10. White Linen Tank / 11. White Denim Shorts / 12. Pull-On Linen Shorts / 13. Pleated Striped Skirt / 14. Gauze Romper / 15. Striped Dress / 16. Two-Piece / 17. One-Piece Swimsuit / 18. Mesh Sneakers / 19. Jeweled Sandals / 20. Metallic Flats

I’ve never been to Greece before, but the photos of Santorini always make me swoon. This is my personal (wish)list of what to pack for Greece in Summer. Looking at the weather right now shows it a little cooler than it is in California right now, an average of 82F, and not too much change for night time. I have a slightly strong obsession with stripes, but somehow it works with all of these pieces together. There are twelve outfits below, but room to mix a few more as well. If I could add anything else to this, it would be a maxi dress. There are a few items I could pare down, I’d likely leave behind the Metallic Flats, Two-Piece, and Linen Romper. Keep reading to see my outfit picks!

Travel Light / What to pack for Summer in Greece

Have you been to Greece in the Summer? Is there anything special you packed or would recommend?

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Ive said this time and time again – your photos are unreal!!! You should do some photography tutorials / videos!

Thank you so much Mary, you can find all my photo tips here: http://www.teamwiking.com/category/photo-tips/ 🙂

I LOVE all of these outfits! Perfect for Greece but I think they would be fabulous for a trip to just about anywhere! So chic!

I leave for Greece in 2 days! This is perfect. 🙂

That last picture is BEAUTIFUL! And seriously, every single one of the pieces you picked is perfect. How fun!

I really like all of your picks and it feels very monochrome which is quite chic. The hat that goes with almost every outfit is super cute and I don’t know that I could pull it off but it’s definitely a great look on you! xx

Holy smokes is Greece gorgeous! I’m dying to go, and hope to once their financial crisis calms down a bit. Grecian style is stunning and you nailed it!
xx, Victoria

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! You have me wanting to visit! Love all the outfit picks too!

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

Awesome post! Love how the outfits come together! Greexe is definitely on our bucket list!

Thanks. This was one of my favorites, for sure. 🙂

I haven’t been to Greece in the summer, but I definitely want to go now! It looks beautiful!

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