Jan 12, 2016

White Freesia Flowers

White Freesia Flowers

I have to admit, my knowledge of flowers used to be pretty limited. I always favored Tulips and Roses in white and light pink colors. I still favor those colors but I came across these White Freesia flowers when I sent my friend a bouquet from The Bouqs and fell in love. I like their unusual shape and how they reach out to the side with blooms down each stem. I asked my Grandma about them (she’s my go-to garden question person), and she said they are one of her favorites as well. I was really delighted when I saw them available at the store and they photographed beautifully.

White Freesia Flowers White Freesia in a vase White Freesia Flowers White Freesia Flowers White Freesia in a vase

I find I’m always drawn to simple florals in a glass vase. I mostly prefer a single type of flower or flowers in similar shades. As Spring draws nearer (Wishful thinking!) I’ve always got flowers on the brain.

What are some of your favorite flowers? 

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I’ve been loving flowers lately as well!! These photos are stunning!! <3
Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com

These are so stunning and life like through your photography!!! I JUST ordered from BOUQS two seconds ago! Love their flowers!


Your photography is beautiful! My favorite flower is the peonie.

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

I am such a fan of flowers and lately I’ve just been buying roses because they make pictures look nice 😉 Lovely freesias! xx adaatude.com

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