Why Travel With Kids?

why-travel-kids-1 why-travel-kids-2 why-travel-kids-3We just returned from a little getaway in Napa, California. I am excited to share more details about our trip later, but I will share now that it wasn’t the trip we originally planned. Why? Our baby sitter got sick a few days before we were supposed to leave. Don’t worry, she’s on the mend now. We did end up turning a getaway for the two of us into a whole family, furry friends included, adventure.

I have to admit that it was really hard for me to get into the family mindset this time, I think because it was unexpected. It’s always fun to plan a trip for kids ahead of time, but when it’s last-minute it is more difficult to find activities and such. I always try to look for the silver lining, so after one night of completely restless sleep followed by a very early morning and canceled hot air balloon ride we spent the day wandering around downtown Napa. We just let go and followed the kids lead for most of the time. We visited shops, had lunch, ate cupcakes, stared at construction site (diggers), and went to a local park. After that our trip felt much better so I was a little sad when it was time to head home.

I think as a new parent you question whether or not travel with kids is right for you. I don’t believe there is a yes or no answer, but more specifically a different answer. I can’t tell you if it will be good for you to travel with kids, but I can tell you it will be different. You will need to let go of all of your current expectations for travel. Haven’t traveled with kids before? Have and it was fine? Have and it went horribly wrong? It will be different this time, it will always be different, every single time.

It might be hard, but you will always have to find your silver lining. No one else can do that for you. Maybe your silver lining is watching the sunset together, maybe it’s being able to explore a new place through your kids eyes, maybe it’s a quiet moment when they’re doing their own thing. You will find your balance, even if it takes a trip or two. My most favorite thing to do is explore the world with people I love, so for us, it’s worth it a million times over.

“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.”  ― Annette Funicello

Do you travel with your little ones? Did you travel as a child?

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Responses to “Why Travel With Kids?”

  1. Once again, not a parent, so no experience here, but I can see that it would be fun to experience everything through your kids’ eyes, so it may be extra fun to have them along. But then again, I won’t know until I go through it myself. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. Love this Jessica! A couple of our favorite times my daughter have been unplanned-we had a sick babysitter cancel on us before a long planned dinner date, and the result is my entire website about dining out with kids! Your attitude toward the entire experience really makes it what it is, and recognizing that it will be different every time (and even throughout the whole day) is so important. We just returned from two weeks in Europe with my 1 year old and we can’t wait to go back. So we are believers in traveling with kids!

  3. This is such a good example. I miss my kids too much when we are gone.

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