Dec 14, 2015

Winter in Truckee

Truckee Cabin Rentals

The first few days of Winter in Truckee, aka the first snow, came just before our trip there for my friend Reichel‘s friendsgiving dinner. I promised to bring the my favorite cranberry sauce, and sticky-bottom carrots as a side dish. The weather looked clear, and we just hoped that some of the snow would stick around for some fun during our trip.

Cadillac CTS V

For this trip, we partnered with Cadillac to test out the CTS V Sedan. I had some apprehensions going in, because all of my thoughts revolved around rappers and Grandma cars, but let me tell you now, this is not your Grandma’s Cadillac. The drive up was smooth sailing, and the car was the most comfortable I’ve driven. Sometimes my knees will get tense after hours of driving, but that didn’t happen this time.

Truckee Cabin Rentals Weekend at Tahoe

Once we got settled in, we cooked up our contributions to the meal while the boys played outside in the snow. The rest of our time was split between snowball fights and cozy cabin visits. We snuck away one morning for breakfast in downtown Truckee at a place called Coffee &. If you’re ever in Truckee for breakfast, I highly recommend it. The hearty breakfast we had was a perfect addition to the chilly mornings.

Winter in Truckee Truckee Cabin Rentals

Afterward we spent some time exploring the area, although the boys favorite stop was the small museum at the train station. It’s full of train memorabilia and even has a train table for the little ones to enjoy. The attendant inside was friendly and very knowledgeable about the area and it’s rich history.

Winter in Truckee Winter in Truckee Winter in Truckee Winter in Truckee Winter in Truckee Winter in Truckee Cadillac CTS V Cadillac CTS V

With an aim to be out of the mountains by dusk, we drove home into the sunset. One of my favorite features (among many) is the CTS-V is the heads-up display. It makes driving effortless, and safer knowing that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to see your speed or what song is playing. One of the biggest problems I had with it (which wasn’t even a real problem) is that I didn’t get to drive it to it’s full potential. With a 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds you don’t have to go anywhere slow, but it would be easy to get yourself into trouble quickly. Going back to driving my own car was a little bit of a challenge this time, but we’re happy to be home none the less.Cadillac CTS V Cadillac CTS V Weekend at Tahoe Weekend at Tahoe Backseat of Cadillac CTS V Weekend at Tahoe

Our CTS-V sedan for this trip was sponsored by Cadillac. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make life here a little sweeter.

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This photography is STUNNING. One of my closest (and coolest) family friends has a Cadillac, so they have definitely made a comeback! Glad you enjoyed the ride. 🙂

Cameron Proffitt

Jessica I almost had tears in my eyes imagining you say out loud that your thoughts about Cadillacs revolved around rappers and Grandma cars. LOL. Glad to hear you enjoyed it afterall, and what a gorgeous place to spend friendsgiving. Gorgeous sunset photos too. WHooooboy.

Honestly, ha! They have changed SO much though. I can’t believe the difference, super sleek and modern now even if shedding those other thoughts about them wasn’t easy. And I still can’t get over how comfortable it was to drive, puts some others to shame!

I love that photo of your youngest with a snowball in hand! So cute!

Thanks! He really is, sometimes to a fault, ha! Let’s just say he gets away with a lot… 🙂

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