Pack for 10 Days in Palm Springs, California

How to Pack for 10 Days in Palm Springs, California

1. Statement Necklace / 2. Dark Lipstick / 3. Nail Polish / 4. Light Sunglasses (similar) / 5. Dark Sunglasses / 6. Black Straw Fedora / 7. Black Bikini / 8. One-Piece Swimsuit / 9. Bright Top / 10. Tank Top / 11. V-Neck T-Shirt (similar) / 12. Striped Top / 13. White Boyfriend Shorts / 14. Pleated Skirt / 15. Pink Tunic / 16. Shift Dress / 17. Casual Dress / 18. Maxi Dress / 19. Scarf / 20. Slide Sandals / 21. Snake Sandals / 22. Pouch / 23. Tote / 24. Notebook

I’ve always wanted to go to Palm Springs, so our recent trip to the desert was a little tease. I still haven’t made it, I often dream of what I would pack for the trip. The weather says that it’s hot this week, so there is no need for a jacket. I’ve included lots of versatile pieces for this Travel Light post. Most of the dresses can be dressed up or down with the statement necklace. The pouch can be used as a clutch for evening, the tunic doubles as a pool coverup, and the scarf does too!

travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-1 travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-2

Day 1 Arrive
Day 2 Pool Day

travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-3 travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-4

Day 3 Bike ride through town
Day 4 Antiquing

travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-5 travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-6

Day 5 Architectural Home Tours
Day 6 Shopping

travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-7 travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-8

Day 7 Pool Day #2
Day 8 Nice Dinner

travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-9 travel-light-palm-springs-california-day-10

Day 9 Spa Day
Day 10 Depart

Image copyright Kid & Coe.

Have you been to Palm Springs before? Do you have any favorite places there? Is there anything else someone should pack?

26 thoughts on “Pack for 10 Days in Palm Springs, California

  1. How far away is Palm Springs from us? Does the name suit the words in it – meaning, are there tons of Palm Trees there? Cause you know I love a good pretty lookin’ palm tree. Or ugly ones, I don’t discriminate.

    I’d totally wear that peach skirt if I thought it wouldn’t look horrible on me. I can’t do (many) skirts. I think that one is extra pretty and so feminine.

  2. I always, ALWAYS, overpack for a trip. Even when I only go for 2-3 days I pack way too much. I need to learn these quick packing tips that so many bloggers share but I fear I’m a hopeless overpacker.

  3. Well this is perfect! can you do this for when I move to Indonesia?! I love your blog and love that you like to travel so much! I also do photography and i’m always planning my next trip!

    Melanie @

  4. I have only been reading for about 2-3 weeks, so not sure if you do these kinds of posts all the time, but I love it! Such a great way to illustrate your outfits – very original!

  5. I hope you make it to Palm Springs in the near future! 🙂 I also love how you would pack… I’m the WORST at over packing, I swear I bring 75% of what I own with me!

  6. I was really hoping you were going to say you were doing a giveaway for all these items. I want so many things out of this. Such a fab list. You have amazing taste!

    Katie <3

  7. Just want to say that I have been obsessed with the versatility of these pieces since finding (recently) on pinterest…Which says a lot about how insanely understated but so crazy chic EVERYTHING is!!! U have great taste and its my mission to find a comparable version of every single item by the time I go to PS at the end of July. Let me tell u, it’s not easy!

  8. Spent lots of time in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. I would trade your skirt for another pair of shorts or a type of white jean. There isn’t anyplace that your long dress or one of the other short dresses wouldn’t cover! Pretty casual there!

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