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  1. One for Nashville at the end of September. That’s when my husband and I will be driving down to visit for a week.

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  3. I’m heading to NY late November and will be there until early December. Would be great to get some ideas for the colder weather πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, could you possibly do one for New York in October time, I’m going for the first time this year and have no idea what to take. Thank you so much!

  5. I’d love to see a list for a three-week trip through South East Asia. Only caveat: must use a carry-on suitcase.

  6. I am for a fall NYC pack list too. Fall Caribbean. Fall Peru. ( our fall not theirs) trying to decide between these for my hubby and mine annual getaway from kids. Maybe I will decide based on the wardrobe involved πŸ˜‰

  7. How about a trip to the Arctic…Norways fiords Iceland and Arctic Svalbard…17 days on a small cruise ship, plus cities and adventure…..next May and June…Clothes for the cities, the 17 day cruise and adventures…

  8. Hey there! My fiance and I are getting married in New Zealand this October and then spending 17 days travelling around the two islands. It will be their spring! I’d love to see suggestions on what I should pack! I’m trying to stick to one carry-on roller bag plus a large tote! Thanks! I love your blogs!!

  9. I’m traveling to southern Sweden for New Years and I’d love to see your take on a cold, winter vacation wardrobe! I live in the southeastern US, so I’m not used to Scandinavian winters.

    1. Yessss. I’m planning Norway the week of 11/23. Might be a lot colder than Sweden?

  10. Going to New York Sept 3 – Sept 9. . Going to U.S. open (tennis) Evenings . Tour New York during the day . Age range 55-60.

  11. Italy in September…or more specifically Sicily! Leaving in 5 short weeks and would LOVE to know what you would suggest! Trying to keep it light but look goooood the entire time…not easy.

  12. We are heading to New Zealand and Fiji in November this year and I am having trouble figuring out a plan for what to pack. More for NZ than for Fiji (that is pretty easy because it is mostly bathing suits). It will be Spring in New Zealand at that time so I will need a mix of clothing for different temps, riding horses, winery tours, romantic dinners (it is our honeymoon), hiking, biking, and who knows what else. PLEASE HELP!

  13. Northern California. Always a challenge to pack for a trip when you fly into San Fran and then travel up to wine country. A lot or variations in temperature. Just using the term “wine country” makes you want to look chic.

  14. Maybe you can help with a packing list for a trip in Iceland in autumn (end of september/october? Very difficult to make it light!

  15. I would love to see a packing light for winter. I’m heading to Washington State (eastern Wa.) in December for the holidays for two weeks. There could be snow but the weather can be unpredictable at times. I’d like to be stylish without having to bring a heavy suitcase.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for the input. I’ve definitely got some wintery destinations in the works. πŸ™‚

  16. Would love to see some outfits for spending 5 days each in Seoul, Korea or Tokyo, Japan! Taking a last-minute trip there in a few weeks! Since those metropolitan areas are huuge, they’d need to be comfortable for walking a lot and using crowded public transportation! πŸ™‚

  17. love your website and your style. what about paris? in december? in just a carry on? thanks so much for your consideration!!!

  18. I am heading to Paris and Barcelona in late September and have no idea how to pack for both destinations. I am a confirmed over-packer and definitely need some help! This is a packing 911!! Thank you!

  19. I would love some outdoorsy / cabin themed ones: A Fall Adirondacks tent/campfire/hiking trip, a summer Maine camp themed trip, a Catskills farm stay, a winter / holiday ski cabin rental etc… Love all of the packing lists so far – really fun!

  20. Packing ideas for wedding weeks? Going to a wedding soon (ontario, Canada in case that matters) but if you could do a feature for that, it would be so helpful.

  21. Traveling from London to Paris to Venice to Italian Almalfi coast over 14 days at the end of May. Please help me fit into one bag!

  22. I love your blog! I would be interested in any recommendations you might have for stylish and durable – yet affordable! – luggage. Thanks!

  23. Hi ! Can you do a 2 week Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China) winter packing list ?
    Thank You ! πŸ™‚

  24. I’m going on a 3 week trip to San Francisco, Phoenix, northern (snowy) NM in December and will be expecting sun, snow, and possible rain. So I’m looking for a versatile packing list!

  25. Los Angeles in the Spring or Catalina Island in the Spring. Will be going to both for spring break! Love your packing lists.

  26. Hi, I love your packing tips and was wondering if you’d ever do a sample family packing list? I’d love to get a sense for how to use your method for the whole family! Thanks!!

  27. What about Cuba? Given the changing climate (not weather) Cuba is supposed to be flooded with Americans visiting. I’m going this summer for 10 days– and I’m at a loss for what to pack and how to fit it into a backpack.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    My husband and I do a lot of traveling. We often take larger trips where we are taking multiple stops. Sometimes one stop has a completely different climate than the next. For instance, we will be spending 5 weeks in Europe this October but will be all over. From places like Stockholm, Sweden and Northern England to Istanbul, Turkey and Israel and everywhere in between. Would love to see a post on packing for cold and hot weather at the same time! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the input, Sophie. Your travels sound so amazing! I have been meaning to do a post like this, so I’ll definitely add it to my list soon. Especially since we’re going from 90F in California to 55F in Iceland soon! πŸ™‚

  29. I’d love to see a list for late summer/early fall in New England. Like, pre-foliage New England, but still warm enough to swim. It’s such an awkward time there weather-wise.

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