May 18, 2017

What I Wore in Iceland

One of my most popular posts lately has been about what I packed for our trip to Iceland. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my packing list and what I wore, so today I thought I’d share some photos of my actual outfits and the activities that I did in them.

Left: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesEverlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaLong Sleeve Black DressVS Sport Highrise Knockout TightNike Free RN Athletic Shoes. Right: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Day 1. Fly to Iceland & begin our drive around Ring Road.
This day begins before we actually arrive to Iceland. We flew from San Francisco the day before on a red-eye (overnight) flight. On the plane I wore my Long Sleeve Black DressVS Sport Highrise Knockout TightNike Free RN Athletic Shoes, and used my cape to keep warm.

When we got to the airport after around 20 hours of travel, the cold temperatures were a bit of a wake up call. Before we took the shuttle to our rental we all swapped some of our clothes for warmth. I added my favorite sunglasses, a wool beaniewarm parka, and used my Cuyana cape as a wrap in the car. We didn’t do any major hiking on our first day, but did explore quite a few waterfalls with off-and-on rain showers. I was tempted to change into my boots but was too jet lagged to actually do it.

Top Left: Prada Timeless SunglassesAesop SPF MoisturizerEverlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaJ.Crew Chambray Shirt, VS Sport Highrise Knockout TightUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots. / Top Right: Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyons / Bottom Left: Svartifoss Waterfall / Bottom Right: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesAesop SPF MoisturizerSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaJ.Crew Chambray Shirt, Waterproof Hiking PantsFjallraven Kanken BackpackUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots.

Day 2. Hiked to Svartifoss waterfall and back, more easy exploring.
The next morning we started early with a small hike in Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyons and a few hours hiking in Skaftafell National Park. Before we hiked to Svartifoss waterfall I added the waterproof hiking pants as it looked like it was going to rain. We made it back to the car with only seconds to spare before it started pouring (Iceland must love us). Later on we saw the glacier lagoons, and made it to our AirBnB in the town of Höfn a little early.

Left: Wearing Everlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaHeidi Merrick Drake TeeR13 Dark DenimFjallraven Kanken BackpackUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots. Right: Highway 1 in Southeastern Iceland.

Day 3, lots more coastal driving and exploring.
I wore the same outfit all day today. We made quite a few stops but didn’t do any extensive hiking or anything along those lines. We stayed in a small town in the Eastern Fjords called Neskaupstaður.

Left: “Marshmallow Farm” in Eastern Iceland. / Right: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesEverlane Chunky Wool BeanieCuyana V-Neck Tee, Waffle Sweater (similar at Aritzia), R13 Dark DenimUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots.

Day 4, Exploring the Eastern fjords.
Lots of car driving today and not so much hiking. We got to our destination well off the beaten path of Ring Road early and cooked dinner. I wore this outfit all day and it was totally comfortable, although I was not comfortable in the field of Lupin, thinking too much about spiders, ha.

Left: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesSwimsuit at Myvatn Nature Baths/ Right: Hverarönd Geothermal Area

Day 5, Driving, Nature Baths, and Akureyri.
I knew that we’d visit the Myvatn Nature Baths , so I wore my swimsuit under my clothes. Little did I know that you need to change and shower once you get there, oops. Geothermal spa newbie. It was quite warm in this part of Iceland, so I wore my swimsuit under my white tee with leggings and my nike shoes. After the spa experience I changed into proper undergarments and put on my cape in the car. When it was colder I added the parka.

Left: Hvítserkur Rock / Right: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesEverlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaCuyana V-Neck Tee,Waffle Sweater (similar at Aritzia), R13 Dark DenimVS Sport Highrise Knockout TightUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots.

Day 6, Driving and stormy coastal exploring.

From Akureyri we drove on along the coastline and made a special trip out to Hvítserkur rock since it looked like a really cool stop. It was very rainy and windy so we piled on some layers before getting out of the car to hike to it. In the photo above I’m on the black sand beach that is near the rock. We stayed in Hvammstangi for the night and didn’t need to wear all of those layers.

Left: Wearing Everlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaJ.Crew Chambray Shirt, Waffle Sweater (similar at Aritzia), Cuyana Classic Alpaca Cape (doubles as oversize scarf!), VS Sport Highrise Knockout TightUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots. / Right: Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge

Day 7, Driving out to the Snaefellsnes peninsula with very short and easy hikes to expore.

Lots of driving around on muddy gravel roads, small town lunches and very short easy hikes, including to Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge, a huge crack in the side of the mountain.

Top Left: Puffins during our boat excursion in Reykjavik. / Top Right: Wearing Prada Timeless SunglassesAesop SPF MoisturizerEverlane Chunky Wool BeanieSpiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaCuyana V-Neck TeeCuyana Classic Alpaca Cape (doubles as oversize scarf!), VS Sport Highrise Knockout TightUgg Cecile Waterproof Boots. / Bottom Left: Wearing Swimsuit / Bottom Right: ION Adventure Hotel in the Golden Circle

Day 8, Driving from Snaefellsnes, a puffin boat tour in Reykjavik, and ending at our hotel in the Golden Circle.
Woke up early and spent lots of time driving from Snaefellsnes to Reyjavik in order to make our boat tour in time. We made a couple of stops along the way to do some easy exploring, but that was it. We visited the My outfit is listed above and was warm and versatile enough to do everything on our list.

Left: Wearing Spiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaHeidi Merrick Drake TeeR13 Dark Denim, and Ugg Cecile Waterproof Boots at the Kerið crater. / Right: Geysir Geothermal Area in the Golden Circle

Day 9, Exploring the Golden Circle, light and easy hiking.
These areas were the most crowded places we had been in Iceland so far, my outfit was fine for exploring and everything else we did. Obviously I’d remove my outerwear when we would have meals or be indoors and such.

Top Left: Wearing a Swimsuit at the Blue Lagoon. / Top Right & Bottom Left: Blue Lagoon Iceland / Bottom Right: Wearing Spiewak Aviation Eskimo ParkaLong Sleeve Black DressVS Sport Highrise Knockout TightNike Free RN Athletic Shoes before exploring Raufarholshellir lava cave.

Day 10, The Blue Lagoon & a lava cave.

Visiting The Blue Lagoon was much more smooth than the nature baths, simply because I was more versed on what to wear. On the way back to our place, we stopped at Raufarholshellir lava cave and I was pretty under dressed for the cooler underground temperatures. Outfit details are above, and aside from being cold in the unplanned lava cave excursion I have no regrets. The next day we flew home and I wore my black v-neck, leggings, cape, and nikes.


Some outfit and packing list notes.

Most of the time my outfits were totally fine. There were only a few times where I felt like I may have needed different layers but they were very few and far between, and I was never uncomfortable about it. When we were in cities dining out I wished for more casual shoes, but no one made weird looks or said anything to me about it (maybe because they are pretty polite).

During this trip my favorites were the Ugg Cecile Waterproof Boots, and the Spiewak Aviation Eskimo Parka. The boots have been warm and kept my feet dry through all weather conditions, and the parka has been warm enough with cold and windy conditions as well as when hiking (unzipped).

If we visited again in the Summer, I’d likely ditch the flip flops and windbreakers. If we were staying in a city I’d probably switch my warmer boots for a pair of casual street shoes. It’s been cool enough that I never used the windbreaker and the flip flops were almost useless at the nature baths since you leave them on the side.

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Thanks for your post! Returning in May 2018 for our 30th anniversary- where it all started when my husband was stationed at Keflavik in the mid 80s. Will be visiting with friends that live there and scope out possibilities of moving there in 2020.

That’s so exciting! We’re all dying to go back. Best of luck with the potential move.

Thanks for this great post.We are going in a few weeks and will stay mostly in the south west area of Iceland- based in Reykjavik. Since you said that you would suggest taking more casual shoes for walking in Reykjavik- what specifically would you take? I have motorcycle short boots by JC-would these be good to take or would you suggest something else like driving shoe loafers or slip on tennis shoes? Many thanks

These are some amazing views. Your outfits were perfect for exploring the outdoors. I would love to visit Iceland.

I like your outfits!

Wow Iceland looks beautiful!!!

As always, gorgeous photos! You always look so put together on your travels. I feel like I always end up looking frumpy. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
Molly // Miss Molly Moon

Wow what a breathtaking place! The Blue Lagoon looks like so much fun!

I want to go to Iceland. It is such a beautiful country… When did you go? The weather is very similar to here in Norway. Although it already looked green!

All your outfits are so fashionable and chic! I love the Prada shades (who won’t?) and the chunky beanie. The Blue Lagoon looks so inviting! I have never experienced soaking in a geothermal spa. Must have been so relaxing.

Wow those photos from Iceland are breathtaking. I would love to experience that place someday, interesting to see what you wore there. It seems you were most certainly prepared for everything for your trip. Lovely time and photos, thanks for sharing this!

Iceland is beautiful! One of my top places to visit (along with everyone else, probably). Will definitely refer back to this post as a guide on where to go when I finally get there x

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