Sandals & Sun Hats

Sandals & Sunhats, the perfect pairing of sandals and sunhats for Summer.

With Summer just around the corner, I’ve already been thinking a lot about how I’ll adjust my wardrobe and the first thing that comes to mind are sandals and sun hats. Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorites paired with some beautiful destinations.


Panama Hat
This hat is a classic for any Summer destination, but it’s also cool enough to let you stroll the streets of Miami in style. If black isn’t your thing, it’s also available with a chic navy band.
Clio Leather Sandals
Simple sandals with straps that are thin enough to keep you cool, but stay on your feet well as you explore the city and beach. Bonus is that they dress up well too in case you’d like to go somewhere fancy!

Relaxing hammock in Jamaica


Summer Hat
I’ve owned this toquilla straw hat from Cuyana for a few Summers now and it looks beautiful no matter where it goes. It was just perfect for my recent trip to Jamaica.
Sauce Sandal
A no-frills mom who just needs simple vanity storage is sure to love this. Between the clean design and beautiful textures, who wouldn’t?

Tulum, Mexico - Also includes a Summer packing list on a budget. 20 items, 12 outfits, 1 carry-on. Every item under $50!


Oversized Straw Beach Hat
This hat is a classic shape that has been elevated by it’s beautiful weave and ribbon accent. The wide brim is sure to protect you from the suns harsh rays closer to the equator.
Saskia Sandal
These adorable lace up sandals add the perfect bit of style to the simple hat. They’re also available in stylish neutral, bright, or metallic colors.

And some must-haves for Summer include Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan if you’re looking for a safe and healthy glow, Herbivore Sea Mist to get sea-kissed beach waves, and Herbivore After Sun Spray in case you accidentally overdo it in the sun.

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What are some of your favorite Summer essentials?

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Responses to “Sandals & Sun Hats”

  1. Hats are something I don’t own much of. I love the Panama hat!

    Amanda ||

  2. ALL THREE PHOTOS ARE LIFE! I just about died, Jessica. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Currently living in both hats & sandals! The amount of each that I own is a little ridiculous…I blame it on the fact that I live at the beach so I can wear both year round. As always I love your photos!!

    Taylor |

  4. Oh my gosh, this is torture sitting here in my office looking at these pictures! They’re AMAZING!

  5. Neely Moldovan

    Loving those leather slide sandals. I wish I was more of a hat person because I think they look so cute!

  6. I have a couple of Panama hats. They are perfect for the summer and so stylish. I wear mine with a light dress.

  7. I’m loving that toquilla straw hat! Planning a beach trip this summer and I’m going to have to grab one!

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