Mountain Adventures


1. Pine Tree Mobile / 2. Nature Print / 3. Log Vase / 4. Outta Town Tote / 5. Travel Game Pad / 6. Big Sur Cabin Spray / 7. Yosemite Poster / 8. Bear Travel Pillow / 9. Sleep Set / 10. Bear Feet Wool Slippers

These goodies all remind me of the great outdoors. I’d love to take the game pad on a trip to keep the kids occupied in our down time.

Which item is your favorite? Do you have anything special that reminds you of the mountains or lake?

30 thoughts on “Mountain Adventures

  1. I want adult PJs like that, and I’d be so set for the fall months. Then again, it doesn’t get chilly in California does it. There goes my spending in Canada for Fall clothes.

    ‘The Guy’ would love some of these picks too. Great find on the log vase..

  2. Oh the bear feet! They are just so cute and look so warm and cosy! I discovered yesterday that all my life I have pronounced Yosemite wrong. I can’t even remember the correct pronunciation! #FAIL

    Katie <3

  3. Any kind of board game or card game greatly reminds me of being in a cabin! My mom often rented cabins for us to spend a few days in during our Christmas break and pretty much all we did the whole time was eat and play games.

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