A Relaxing Weekend In North Lake Tahoe

Highway 50, California Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California Sunset in North Lake Tahoe Sunset in North Lake Tahoe Kayak on Lake Tahoe Kayak on Lake Tahoe Secret Beach, Lake Tahoe Hiking the Flume trail in Lake Tahoe Hiking the Flume trail in Lake Tahoe Off the shoulder dress on a Catamaran Cruise in North Lake Tahoe Catamaran Cruise in North Lake Tahoe

This trip was sponsored by Hyatt Lake Tahoe.

A couple of weekends ago I headed off for a relaxing weekend in North Lake Tahoe. The weekend was a sort-of wellness retreat with a few other bloggers at Hyatt Lake Tahoe. The invite could not have come at a better time since I’ve been on the go and working longer hours than I usually do. Between work and school starting for both of my littles I was in need of some time to myself around the healing waters of Lake Tahoe. We’ve gone before as a family during both Winter and Summer and I always feel so refreshed after a visit to the lake. There is something magical about it, and I think most people who visit feel that way. It’s a mere 3-4 hour drive from my house in the Bay Area, so it makes for an easy weekend getaway.

During the weekend we spent our time doing various activities that helped to promote health and wellness. On the first night had dinner and watched the beautiful sunset. The next day we were off for a kayak trip to secret beach, and hiking up the flume trail. I was so nervous about the kayak trip because I’ve never been in a kayak before (only canoes, and those are not trustworthy!), but these were very stable and easy to maneuver across the smooth waters of the lake. In the afternoon we spent some time hiking the flume trail and it was beautiful. I learned there are pine trees called the Jeffrey Pine that have a sweet smelling sap that smells different to everyone. Another beautiful sunset on the lake ended the day nicely. The next morning a catamaran cruise, followed up by a relaxing spa treatment was the perfect finale for our weekend of wellness. This weekend was just what I needed for a little reset of my current mood.

Hyatt Lake Tahoe
111 Country Club Drive
Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Is there any place you like to go to spend time on yourself?

This post was sponsored by Hyatt Lake Tahoe, a place I’ve stayed before in a destination I absolutely love. All opinions and photos are my own, thank you so much for helping to support sponsors who make life here a little better.

10 thoughts on “A Relaxing Weekend In North Lake Tahoe

  1. Wow – these photos are incredible. Beautiful photography!! I am actually heading to Lake Tahoe in February when it’s a bit colder. I’m excited to ski 🙂 Great post!!

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Lake Tahoe and now I MUST add it to the list!! It sounds like the Hyatt Lake Tahoe is delightful! We love the Hyatt Lost Pines in Texas so we will keep this one in mind whenever we make our way up there to visit!


  3. Lake Tahoe seems like such an incredible place to visit! Sadly I did not get to go last time I was in Nevada but I definitely want to hit it on my next trip! And the pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous!

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