Feb 04, 2014

Week 5, American Football


We aren’t normally a “sports” family. We don’t really go to games or watch them on television with any sort of commitment. Last Sunday was the Superbowl so we made a few snacks and encouraged the kids to throw the ball around a little while we loosely watched the game. Søren kept calling it a “bo-ball” and was so excited to toss it around and play catch. He’s a little parrot and copies almost everything we say. Just yesterday he said his own name, which is no easy feat considering most adults I know don’t pronounce it properly. Aiden is warming up more to sports and outgoing events which is a giant leap in his progress socially. He’s normally very introverted and not outwardly interested in anything that requires other children to play but with his therapy we’ve been making some progress. He’s starting to learn that it’s ok if you don’t do something perfect right away, because with practice you get better.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

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This was such a lovely post to read – I love that you have been willing to let us readers into snippets of your life. She superbowl is always so much fun to watch and I think it’s great because even if you are not a regular football watcher, everyone just is in sort of the spirit to get together and have a nice evening – which is exactly what you guys did, even if you did watch the game loosely. Family time is so important.

rae at lovefromberlin

Thank you! I do enjoy the commradery during the superbowl, especially when a local team is in it (49ers!).

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