Feb 05, 2014

Rancho San Antonio

team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-1 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-2

I really do miss the rain, but with the beautiful weather we’ve had lately it’s really hard to stay indoors. We’ve been outside a lot and one of our outings was to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Cupertino, California. There are quite a few trails and when you’re in the shade it’s nice and cool. team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-3 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-4 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-5 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-6 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-7 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-8 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-9 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-10 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-11 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-12 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-13 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-14 team-wiking-rancho-san-antonio-open-space-preserve-hike-cupertino-california-15

Søren’s adorable pants are from Funky-Legs! I love how even when he’s down in the dirt collecting rocks they still don’t show much evidence of it.

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Such a beautiful family. I love the pictures of the light reflecting on the hills.

Thanks! Are you talking about the last photo? The sun was starting to go behind them and the marine layer had just started to creep over and we were ready to leave but I took my camera out for one last shot. My husband probably thought I was crazy but it was too beautiful not to capture.

I’m so jelaous! we haven’t been able to go out as much as we like…too much snow up here!
this photos are beautiful! Suddenly Soren looks so much bigger!

He is growing so quickly. 🙁 If we got snow every few years I might not mind, haha.

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